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Why is Rhonda a qualified Holistic Health Coach? Get to know her?

Hello from sunny California! This page is a great way to get to know Rhonda, her background and why she strives to support her client’s and followers daily to consistently step them into their authentic path.

Rhonda has dedicated her life to helping women step onto their authentic path to accelerated connection to their weight loss journey. As an AADP Certified Health Coach, Author, Business Owner, and CPA, Rhonda specializes in helping women break through their biggest health road blocks and sabotages while learning what is holding them back to making a new commitment to themselves so that they can take their mask off and run their business and/or day to day life in their true authenticity.

After Rhonda lost her dad in 2005 with her daughter ready to be born her passion shifted to being an insightful Holistic Diabetic Healing Coach. With her Signature FITT coaching Rhonda guides you into finding your confidence and serenity to bring your A1C down, blood sugar balanced and to create a realistic balanced life where wealth is directly linked to your health.

Rhonda has her FITT signature coaching approach to bring her client’s into amazing results by determining what their stress points are, coaching to clearing sabotages with awareness and action, to increasing their energy for higher productive days so that they can succeed in their daily food choices, mental clarity, and losing weight.

With her passion and in-the-know coaching approach Rhonda inspires others in stepping into new daily steps that in the past they secretly were holding themselves back through old thoughts of Sabotage. When Rhonda lost her dad from a massive heart attack, from type 2 diabetes she studied into understanding the organ meridian points, how to read the body for where the body is personally struggling, and connecting with emotions and weaknesses to guiding her client’s into a deeper healthier connection to themselves and personal relationships. Since this horrific chronic disease is known for being intrusive on the body in the circulatory system (heart), organs, plus much more her guidance in her holistic coaching comes from staying up on the latest health research and studies that have been proven for results.

Her dad’s story is a pivotal point in her coaching approach because her dad appeared to be very healthy in the “general population” view since he was working out daily and taking his insulin injections after testing his blood. His life was dropped short at the early age of 58. Rhonda started learning in more depth about sugar level balance and discovered that even with the blood sugar at 87, not even pre-diabetic yet, this is the beginning and warnings signs that the body is starting to struggle. She also learned more about the side affects of injecting insulin into the body… and how difficult it is to lose weight and have daily healthy energy. Rhonda now coaches to life balance using her personalized FITT techniques to calming the painful diabetic symptoms.

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Rhonda is a Professional Speaker, sharing basic tips to women dealing wtih diabetes or prediabetes and struggling with weight loss through her videos on YouTube, Social Media, Podcasts, and TV. She is a leading expert in the health industry with over 15 years experience. She is the author of “The FITT Solution – 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!” and a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon.com.

Take a look through Rhonda’s website and start your journey down your authentic path to accelerated health and income into your business. Check out the articles on her blog, get “The FITT Solution“, and make sure to go to her Events page and meet her virtually or in person.

Learn more about Rhonda and her coaching the FITT way discussing it with Orgena Rose Show located in Los Angeles.

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