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Rhonda’s signature 4 Steps “Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive”, also known as the “FITT  Coaching Approach” has touched client’s throughout the world from Florida to California all the way to Sweden. With over 15 years in the health industry Rhonda will support you in your vision and personally built lifestyle. Rhonda is known as,

“The Coach with Insightful Solutions to Revitalize Your Energy ~Lose the 3pm slump!”

As my client, you will Learn:

  • How your body can melt fat even if your weight is not budging right now.
  • What your personal combination is to double your energy throughout the day.
  • To understand what your ravenous cravings are and the ways to stifle them to dissipate.
  • That you are not alone in your health journey.
  • How to self evaluate aches and pains in your body in a logical and strategic approach.
  • Your personalized health strategies that fit in your busy lifestyle.
  • How to connect in a more authentic way through group and one one one settings.
  • To breakthrough chronic pains and restore the natural processing of the body.

All Rhonda’s program are based on empowerment and nurturing where you are right now to breaking through to a sustainable healthy lifestyle… When Rhonda started her deeper health journey on medicine and battling hypothyroidism, she was told that there was nothing wrong with her and that everything looked “normal”. She new for sure that something wasn’t right even though she has the “typical” symptoms of someone with this disease having her hair starting to fall out, weight packing on, and daily naps. Once she started applying daily strategies, that she is sharing with you throughout her programs, she finally had her personal breakthroughs. With Rhonda’s personal struggles and year over year experience with client’s she holds this space for her client’s that come into the Rhonda Liebig Health Coach Community. The two main statements that is heard time and again from client’s is the main reason that they have been able to get the results that they haven’t been able to in the past is because their:

  • Voiced concerns of their health are finally being heard and that they are “not crazy”!
  • Personal struggles are just like many in the community and they finally are not feeling along in their health journey.

Health Coaching Services

The Energy Unleashed Method – The Solution To Your Blood Sugar Balance [Virtual Program]

This program is for you if you are ready to learn about your body and where it is struggling in it’s energy points. Throughout this program you will be using new tools to add to your healthy tool box and be able to self evaluate.  Read on…

Total Energy Jump Start: Revitalize Mind Body Soul!

This program is for you if you are ready to discover your energy potential and tired of feeling exhaustion in your day. In this 21 day program, each week brings on new interesting energy strategies to create excitement into your life! Read on

Detox to ReVitalized Energy

This program is for you if you are ready to reset your metabolism and your blood sugar. Rhonda spent 3 years in pairing themed monthly demonstration dinners connecting food as being your medicine. This service is an extension from her experience in coaching women in choosing whole foods to making tasty healthy meals. Need a little jump-start getting yourself back on the track this service pertains to you. Spring detox Starts April! Read more…

The Mind, Body, Food Lifestyle Plan ~ The Six Month Program with Sexy, Successful, Authentic Results

This program is for you if you are ready to really commit to yourself. You will have consistent support in making life-long changes that will result in a balanced brighter you.  Read on…


My Signature FITT 4 Steps To Your Results

Focus building your clear intentions and establish your desire to tackle goals

Integrate and Determine Your Strategic plan to find the new sexy, successful, authentic you!

Transform and  Implement the plan that has been created through the prior 2 steps, focus and integrate.

Thrive so that you can  Enjoy the effects of your commitment. In this stage you are reviewing your progress. Determine what is working and review what is not working for you.

Wow you are looking good! This is where you enjoy the internal and physical changes that are happening. You will find the new shiny you and ready to share it with wonderful loving people around you. It’s not just about the food and working out anymore!


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