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"I have struggled all my life as being either 100% results or I have not succeeded. In the past I have realized when I would start getting results I would sabotage myself with words and phrases such as; “You don’t deserve this” or I could feel a fear start to rise about keeping this good stuff up forever. It’s almost as if I felt safe by going back to the old way of doing things. I have found so many discoveries with me but lately the biggest breakthrough was why I felt stressed around five o’clock."

Beverly Liebig, retired

"I had low energy and would CRASH every afternoon. I’d been to Dr’s who’d say it was adrenal fatigue & gave me pills, but still low energy and afternoon CRASHes. I hated it! Rhonda showed me how to get connected to my body (instead of ignoring it & expecting it to perform). After our first session my productivity for my business skyrocketed and I feel like myself again!"

Dorothy Kuhn, Women’s Empowerment Expert,

"When I first started working with Rhonda I already had done tons of research on my own and I understood how to take care of myself. I was still struggling though even though I had the knowledge about my diabetes I. I was still feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with my health journey. Rhonda was able to listen, guide and build while still making me feel like I could manage my new schedule and new goals without overwhelm. Within weeks I started noticing my energy rise and my blood sugar consistently having more balance and logic to the ups and downs. Working with Rhonda changed my life to major positive changes in my health."

Daniel Lepoweski

“Rhonda has inspired me, educated me and supported me in my health journey. With her, I’ve gotten healthier and so has my business!”

Laura Marie #setfreetorunfree LIVE Events, author of “Prettier Than Porn” and activist on abolishing human trafficking