14 Days To A Flat Belly-Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! PROGRAM

Rhonda finally released her book in 2018! It only took her two years to release her book after she sat on it. Something about the title and her being concerned about everything that comes with that title, flat. So below you will see the results from the program as you review the testimonials that are also inside the book pages but with more depth to these individuals that took the flat belly challenge and were serious about their 14 day journey. You will also read about what the flat belly means to Rhonda directly from the author herself.

Here are some of the scrumptious results PLUS Viscous Cycle Breakthroughs that’s happening:

“My doctor told me my Liver was inflamed. After 14 days it is within “normal range”!”

“In 14 days I lost 2 inches off my hips!”

“This program taught me how to make better food choices without judgement!”

“In 5 days I lost 1/2 a pant size!”

“I’m not thinking about food ALL the time like I normally do!”

“I am not getting the night sweats anymore!”

“No more abdominal pain, bloating, sleep is restful, and energy consistently high!”

Rhonda’s vision of a flat belly:

There is a stage or stages in your life when you feel like your body keeps growing and everything you own in clothing is so tight, it almost hurts where you can feel the stitching from the material of the clothing or that it is harder to move, and it feels sadly uncomfortable. Times like these can be confusing in what the next best steps to do to serve your body. As we find the right steps that serves our body then we start seeing less bloat and release of pressure within our body.

Now as you take care of yourself in a strategic way, you cannot feel the stitching from the clothes and you can now feel your body move with better agility. At this point you swear that your belly is gone and as if it just disappeared. This flat belly feeling is from your body cycle resets are occurring actively at that point. You may look in a mirror and realize that it’s not totally flat… but it is flat. The pressure is gone, the pain is gone. That’s what the results are from this program and the above results that you read. It’s about using food as your medicine, mindset sitting in a positivity state and your body movement is feeding your body flow.

That’s what you get with the 14 Days to a Flat Belly program where you energy is having rests and new healthy cycles for living in your day instead of just being an observe to sleeping longer throughout your night. As you will see that this is more of a life plan for you, NOT a FAD diet.

What you will receive throughout this 14 day flat belly program:

  • 14 Days to a Flat Belly video PROGRAM library
  • 14 Days to a Flat Belly Lifestyle Support through my Private Facebook
  • Facebook  LIVE support and connection directly to me so that I can answer your questions

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