14 Days is a guide that will bring connection into your food and mindset strategies

Here are amazing results from participants!

  • "My Dr. told me my Liver was inflamed. After 14 days it is within "normal range"!"
  • "In 14 days I lost 2 inches off my hips!"
  • "This program taught me how to make better food choices!"
  • "In 5 days I lost 1/2 a size!"
  • "I'm not thinking about food all the time!"
  • "I am not getting the night sweats anymore!"
  • "No more abdominal pain, bloating, sleep is restful, and energy consistently high!"
I Want my gift, 14 Days To Flat Belly book

What makes this plan different?

Many people have a special diet talk such as: I do the 80/20 Rule, I try to not eat carbs, and I mainly eat meat and vegetables. This can be one of the biggest downfalls that I have seen in my 20 years of being in the health industry. The idea of food being a point system, a rule (80/20rule), or a category gives distance from what food really is to the body.

This plan is different. You will learn what foods:

  • Increase your metabolism, 
  • Increase your vibrant energy, 
  • Calm your body
  • Ground your thoughts, and
  • Much more depending on your personal food story, body movement journey and spiritual vision.

I will be introducing you to my signature Three Energy Revitalize Pillars to support mindset, food strategies, and movement. The Flat Belly PROGRAM is a way to learn how to implement new holistic tools to calm stressors in the body. PLUS learn how to transition this program into your future lifestyle through my private Facebook group.

Why this 14 day plan works. You will be eating natural wholesome foods to calm the following issues when the body is chemically off such as: food cravings, relaxing stress hormones, decreasing inflammation, and learning to release aches & pains.

What you receive with this special gift

I want you to feel like your best VIP client and this is a way that I get to give you something that is not just a basic gift but potentially can be the beginning of your receiving a transformation that will kick off a connection to YOU for a life change.

Thus this is a robust gift that supports you so that you know that I got your back.

This is what you receive:

  • 14 Days to a Flat Belly pdf version, 
  • Scrumptious wholesome recipes, 
  • Master grocery list,
  • Gratitude daily support and
  • 14 day food formula

About Rhonda Liebig...

Rhonda is fiercely committed to supporting people that are drained and exhausted, ready to revitalize their energy and mindset to build stamina and create their unstoppable impact. Over 20 years in the health industry Rhonda specializes in breaking through energy road blocks by using her “ROAR To Revitlize Method”, her signature six step strategy that creates your day with tenacious energy. 

Rhonda will inspire you to face areas of self-limiting beliefs so that you build a momentum to your healthy plan that can be so confusing for many, the deep self-care. As a leader Rhonda is passionate in what she does and has built her business on a strong foundation through the media platform on Fox News, Good Day Sacramento, and other interview circuits. Her Energy Revitalize Mentoring has supported clients globally from the US and abroad. 

Rhonda Liebig, Vitality Coach for Rock Stars

  • AADP Certified Health Coach  
  • Author: "The FITT Solution" and "14 Days To A Flat Belly"
  • Multilevel media platform "The Fresh Inspiration Show"
  • Speaker: "Developing Your Health Success Mindset"