3 Steps to Sexy Slim You In 2014 – Virtual Webinar

No More Diet SabotageLive WEBINAR with Rhonda Liebig, Health Coach

Day: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time: 10AM PST

Get to know Rhonda plus what this live webinar is.

Rhonda Liebig, has dedicated her life to helping women leaders to step into their authentic path to accelerated health and income. As a Certified Health Coach, Author of “The FITT Solution”, CPA, and business owner,  Rhonda specializes in helping her clients’ breakthrough their biggest health roadblocks and sabotages while learning what is holding them back to making a commitment to themselves and their health so that they can take their mask off and run their business in their true authenticity.


Darlene Nutter’s Success: “Last time I worked with Rhonda I lost 12 lbs. A whole pant size!”

Join us on this FREE LIVE TRAINING. Rhonda will coach you to step in action for increased energy and bringing on the slim so that you can accelerate your productivity, FITT in those sexy jeans, and increased beauty factor by using her Signature FITT process: Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive.

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2014 is all about “Action”. Have you already forgot that you promised yourself that you were going to live a more balanced life after the holidays… and you have already fallen off your promise(s)? Rhonda can coach you into action to honor your Mind, Body and Soul.

This 60 minute virtual training is for you if you are:
• Ready to feel slim and get to the next level in your health
• Ready to make healthy changes right now
• Ready to stretch the possibilities of what can happen for you and your health

And much more…
If you have ever imagined more than the healthy life that you are living now – do not miss this call!

Come in LIVE. There will be a special free bonus for everyone who attends live!

There are limited seats so make sure to book early and sign in 5 minutes before the start of the call to guarantee your place.

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