3 Sure Fire Steps To Ignite Your Metabolism


What shift can you do right now for your weight loss. 3 Sure Fire Tips to Ignite Your Metabolism. Catch It Live For Best Results.

In this webinar, Professional Speaker, Certified Health Coach, and #1 Best Selling Author, Rhonda Liebig will share 3 Sure Fire Tip To Increased Metabolism in this 60 minute free webinar

When: Thursday, May 22th @12PM PDT

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Rhonda is known as a coach that brings in the “Serenity and Confidence” to make long lasting changes that are needed for weight loss success. You will be able to interact with Rhonda during this webinar while she is coaching and giving you tips to jump start your Summer transformation. In this time you will discover

The key elements to losing weight (It may not be what you think!)

  • Reset your body
  • FITT into those sexy shorts
  • Sign up and be ready to step into action in the 3 tips

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I will be using the techniques that you have been using in my Mind, Body, Soul free video series. So be ready to have a pen, paper, and lunch to get the best results.

Rhonda is a motivational speaker that will get you into action so you will want to register below now. Be sure to show up 15 minutes early to ensure your spot.

See you on the webinar.

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