[FREE] 5 Days to Your Skinny – Clean Eating Kitchen

5 Step Series - Skinny Kitchen 2

Have you ever looked at your kitchen and just said… “No Way! Not Going To Cook Dinner! Not Going To Prep Food!”?

Yep I have been there too… so many times. So let me give you the tools that I use now and helped my transformation from being Afraid of Cooking YUCKY Meals and being Rejected to going ALL Out and JUST DOING IT! 

If you have felt this before I know that you are shaking your head and feeling like you are right there with me… But even if you haven’t ever felt this way before but still feeling like you are not connected with your kitchen then this 5 Day Series is going to give you FULL Coaching support and it will help you step into the kitchen feeling more educated about yourself and what you need to stay Healthy! So here it is…

“[FREE] 5 Days To Jump Start Your Skinny-Clean Eating Kitchen To Stop The Hypoglycemic Episodes.”

Grab Your Seat

In this 5 Day Series, here are your Daily List of Goodies:

Day 1 [Receive Instantly, Click Here by adding your e-mail so I know where to send it to] Your personal FITT Food Kit – This is where you are going to discover what foods give you ENERGY and what foods give you the SLUMP. Bonus: You can sign up for Rhonda’s LIVE Q&A call on Tuesday’s and participate by asking questions through your journey with your FITT log or just listen and learning for the hour. Click HERE to sign up.

Day 2 Learn to Read Labels: You will learn how to read labels and even find those tricky words that they use for Trans Fat, which is a BIG No No for diabetic health,

Day 3 5 Foods That Heal Your Hypoglycemia Instantly

Day 4 Lunch recipe that is Easy and Tasty!

Day 5 4 Recipes with only 5 or less ingredients. Yep only 5 or less!

If you are struggling in the kitchen, make sure to step into this 5 day support because it will help you view your kitchen in a whole new way… You will learn how to connect with the foods that make you feel whole and released from the Hypoglycemic Episodes that can occur when not eating to what your body is needing.

Catch up with you soon!

Rhonda Liebig,

AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach  |  Author “The FITT Solution”


P.S. If you are ready to participate get your first step: “FITT Food Kit” by adding your e-mail in so that I can send you your 5 day series.

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