5 Foods That Make You Inflamed

5 Foods That Make You Inflamed


Wow what a whirlwind weekend! I sat in my office ALL weekend long. Just got off a boot camp of craziness for writing my book, “Workouts With Results and Recipes for Energy – 4 Steps To A Sexy, Successful You”. I am very proud to say that with all the hours I spent from Friday to Sunday… it was worth it. There are going to be workouts, recipes, and tips throughout the book. There is additional work that needs to be done before the release of my book. Keep a look out for the release date!

Stay connected to what your food can do for you, food is your medicine.  To help you connect with this thought, take time before you eat each meal and look at what you have on your plate. Ask yourself are these foods crisp ready to rev up your metabolism with high  nutrients that will nurture my body? If the answer is no then re-evaluate what you are eating and why. Below are 5 foods that Inflame you. Eat these foods to start your F.I.T.T. Slim.


Step Away From The Inflammatory Foods and Silence the Inflammation

5 Foods That Inflame You

1) Sugar – Stop your insulin fat storing hormone

2) Dairy – I know this is controversial but think about it, milk is a common allergen which can trigger bloating.

3) Refined Grains – Anything that has had fiber extracted is going to go right into fat storage

4) Artificial Food Additives – Aspartame and MSC

5) Allergens – Any food that you are allergic to, eliminate and you will lose weight


Now that you know these foods that you should stay away from go to my recipes to further support your health journey.  Also go to my front page and sign up for my newsletter my downloading my bonus FIT book that has a workout and a recipe. Click here


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