6 Terrible Things Which Can Result From Eating Too Much Sugar

You know what’s really sad? Well, you will have to pardon the pun but it’s the Standard American Diet, otherwise known more aptly as well, SAD.

Why is the average American diet so bad? Well, chiefly it’s because we eat far too much sugar. In fact, 2015/2016 statistics cite the average American as eating 80 pounds of sugar every year. Are you feeling bloated all the time? More specifically, do you find yourself struggling most days with:

  • Fatigue?
  • Sugar cravings?
  • Skin issues?
  • Being depressed and anxious?
  • Being in general sickness?
  • & Problems with your weight?

If your answer is yes to most of the above, you’re probably consuming more than 15 – 20 grams of sugar per day. But why is sugar so bad and what can you do to reverse the above symptoms?


Why Is Sugar So Bad?

In practice it’s simple. The human body is like a machine and derives its chief source of energy from the glucose and natural sugars which are present in the food we eat. The problem, in this case, is that when we eat refined sugars (i.e. sugar in pure form) we bypass the entire mechanism which our bodies use to derive sugar from food.

Chiefly we’re talking about our pancreas and livers production of insulin and essential digestive enzymes. – Hence why in America over 33% of people already suffer from type II diabetes. However, with the Standard American Diet, things get even more complicated.

You see, a lot of health-conscious people already actually try to avoid sugar. Sugar isn’t just a natural sweetener, though. In the contemporary food industry sugar is used as a flavoring in any and almost all canned, boxed, frozen and in general convenience food. In short, for most people sugar is simply inescapable.

Warning Signs & Other Dangers

Even worse, though, than just the pervasiveness of sugar in the everyday food supply, is the fact that foods containing sugar are often also low in fiber. Moreover, it’s fiber in our food which is responsible for helping cleanse our kidneys and flush our bodies of toxins.

As a knock on effect then, of routinely high sugar, low fiber diets, many Americans start to experience much worse chronic dietary and in general health problems than just diabetes. However, our bodies are actually very good at telling us when something is wrong while there is still time to change our diets for the better and forestall such chronic health complaints.


6 Terrible Things Which Can Happen When We Eat Too Much Sugar & Don’t Listen To The Early Warning Signs:

Are you suffering from:

  1. Belly bloat and having to expand your waistline in your pants?
  2. Belly fat where you have at least an extra 10 lbs to lose?
  3. Belly pains?
  4. Swollen face?
  5. swollen under eye areas?
  6. Ringing in your ears?

The above aren’t just symptoms of us having high sugar, low fiber diets. Rather they’re the early warning signs which our bodies use to tell us that something just isn’t right and that we may be heading toward a more serious set of health problems.

All is not lost, though. Recently I had a sweet-toothed client called Mary, who absolutely loved her pies and daily confectionery treats. The only problem? As well as suffering all her life with her weight, Mary was starting to feel run down and unwell. However, together I and Mary managed to put together an easy three step program designed at her achieving better in general health wellness.

1.Firstly, Mary got into the habit of drinking a large cup of water each morning in order to better nurture her kidneys.

2.Secondly, Mary learned to savor food prior to eating by smelling her food and breathing and relaxing properly.

3.Thirdly, Mary started working out at least five times a week in order to rebalance and kick start her natural metabolic rhythm. What this also did, though, is help Mary’s body better circulate water and new nutrients.

Can Mary’s easy three step plan work for you too? My answer is definitely. You see, changing our bodies and ditching things like sugar cravings, lethargy, and excess weight has to start somewhere and that somewhere is often just as simple as us taking three simple steps towards better wellness.

What’s your story though? Are you going to try and adopt Mary’s three step plan for yourself? If so, I’d love to know what your own experiences are. In this case, make sure to leave a comment in the below comments section.


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