Accelerated Energy FITT Camp – Sexy Holiday

Energy It Up

The Energy FITT Camp – Step Into The Divine You,  is for you if you are battling:

  • unwanted weight
  • never ending bloat
  • exhaustion & 3PM Slump
  • feeling like you never have energy
  • ready to fight the holiday slump & sometimes exhaustion!

Burn Out Can happen at any time of the year but holidays are the most intense time of the year for so many reasons…

When we get burned out we end up in a state of emotional, physical and cognitive exhaustion that can lead to negative health consequences, such as depression, anxiety, cardiovascular conditions and immune disorder. This is the time to get extra support and armed with Rhonda’s Signature FITT system to get you from the slump to the JUMP!  The investment is very attractive and you will be too with your new holiday attitude!

Energy effects every aspect of our body in how we emotionally deal with our day to how we physically look. This workshop has come at a time when we are nearing the holidays with us keeping up on our daily life and now implementing holiday events it can get overwhelming. So if you jump into this energized workshop you will be prepared with an abundance of energy and new information to keep your energy up and attitude in tact.

Check out the details…

Accelerated FITT Energy – Your personal energy map!

How This High Energy workshop works:

  • Work with me as a group virtually, no driving
  • We will meet up every other Monday starting November 18th, TIME: 12PM – 1PM PST
  • The intense 1 hour is going to give you Mental Clarity, Increased Energy, and a deeper understanding of how to connect into your gratitude to kick the sabotage this season.
  • Here’s the FITT schedule: November 18th, December 2nd, and December 16, meeting virtually for 1 hour
  • Our sessions will be recorded – just in case you can’t make the scheduled time.
  • You will be receiving a coaching packet that will support each coaching session with sheets that are already built for you to support your energy plan. This information is new and I am excited about getting it out to you.

Class 1 Get To Know Your Key Foods To Your Energy Map –The Energy Journey Begins! {Food} What is your Food Sabotage? Say Hello to Energy Food through a magnifier glass Proven Foods to Avoid for Increased Energy Work with built energy templates to support your personal energy action plan

Class 2 Energy Management Through Emotional Balance: Unlock Your Personal Energy Key {Emotion} What is your Emotion Sabotage? Learn to maximize your day with emotional balance Work with built energy templates to support your personal energy action plan

Class 3 The How To’s To Balancing Your Energy –Learn Sure Fire Steps To Future Energy Success {Balance} Learn to maximize your day Lifestyle through a magnifier glass Bringing all your tools together for your Energy Map!

Investment $40

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