Adrenals and Diabetes Connection

Reaching for your coffee or sugar (maybe Startbuck’s) each morning?  Ever heard of the term, borrowing from the bank? This is when your body does not have enough Energy to get the morning going and the adrenal gland gets overworked and can bring you into adrenal fatigue. Adrenals are the gland that helps you get through ALL types of stressful situations. It’s called the flight or fight gland that helps you recover from illness to daily life stress. And if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic your body is already dealing with it’s ebbs and flows from diabetic symptoms so you may already be tapping into overusing the adrenal gland… And by not adding the caffeine and/or you are doing a double whammy to your body.
You would be surprised at how much more natural energy you will have, not reaching for the caffeine or sugar, just by changing your day up a bit. 
It’s amazing! Your adrenals are an integral part of your systems balance releasing hormone with estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, cortisone, adrenaline, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine (1). If you are dealing with a mid-section bulge and have not been able to figure out how to lose it, the first step is to evaluate your consistency to balance your blood sugar and the adrenal connection. Our adrenals keep us going, going, going, and if you are feeling like you need the sugar and the caffeine to get going start taking these signs serious.  It’s interesting to note that many of the symptoms of Diabetic Disease are also symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.

These include:

  • Brain fog
  • Lighteadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty In Getting Going In The Morning
  • Low-blood pressure
  • Poor immunity
  • Exhaustion
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased sex drive

Still questioning if you may be feeling andrenal overuse. Check out the physical signs:

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Vertical lines in fingertips
  • Pale lips

The body is perfectly designed with internal wisdom and yields protectors that will work on the balance in the system. So if you are finding yourself with less than vibrant energy these things may be happening:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Recurring illnesses
  • Chronic infections
  • Constantly on “go” without adequate rest periods
  • Sleep deprivation
  • High sugar/carbohydrate intake
  • Excessive caffeine and stimulants
  • High stress (both physical and emotional)

Nutritional deficiencies is number one. Connect your food nourishment, blood sugar balance to how much energy that you have. If you find yourself reaching for the coffee or sugar in the morning, most likely you are borrowing from the bank… then you are most likely overusing the adrenal gland.


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