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Are you feeling...

Confused and frustrated with these times? Feeling like if only you had more energy you could be living more in your passion and what you were born to do here but the times right now seem to take away your muster?

This is why I created the Jumpstart You Energized Path Solution - 5 day path to your mind, food and movement (FREE classes). This is where you get a taste of the strong vitality pillars to support and clear what YOU are going through. I have been in the health industry for over 20 years and I will bring grounded, focused and leveling up space for you to step into new tools and create your Three Energy Revitalize Pillars (mind, food and movement).

Click here to view quick 2 to 3 minute videos where I share what we are doing for the day and also I wrote some descriptions for you too so you can feel what the flow is for each hour.

I am personally inviting you into the daily, one hour, FREE community for five days of playing with your energy pillars. Click here for more event details.

Increase Vitality and Pamper Your Profits

Sponsored by Origins with your host, Rhonda Liebig, Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Freedom Coach to Vitality and Cash Flow.

WHY say YES to coming out and spend time with Rhonda and plumping up your cash flows? Get to know Rhonda Liebig:

Rhonda is an international speaker on the topics of Karate Chopping Your Saboteur for your Health and Mindset, creating higher vitality in your life and business. She is a best selling author of 14 Days to a Flat Belly and The FITT Solution. Rhonda is a CPA with corporate experience and running her business for ten years and an AADP Certified Health Coach. Rhonda has been in the industry for over 20 years and is a master in bringing freedom into your body through health and cash flow into your business. She is also known to get YOU noticed at a global level through her international platform, “The Fresh Inspiration Show”. Rhonda brings top inspirers together that are speakers and authors bringing healing transformation to communities that travels on tour from town to town. Rhonda has been featured through the media on Fox News, Good Day Sacramento, and other interview circuits.

Why did Rhonda choose to partner with Origins? Well, first she loves pampering with a fabulous facial, but also Rhonda acknowledges the alignment with Origins Mission is:

Origins is dedicated to well-being—yours and the planet’s. We are constantly guided by this commitment. We extensively research and evaluate our ingredients—both natural and non-toxic-to-skin alternatives—for purity, efficacy and safety. And we continuously strive to take care of the earth—from using manufacturing processes that help reduce our impact on the environment to planting trees worldwide. Because it’s our nature to do good.


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