Are Good Friendships Connected With Accelerated Fat Loss?

What’s the connection with Making Healthy Food Choices and Clearing Mental Sabotages To Making Bad Choices In Our Friendships?

People With Friends Wouldn’t believe it until I saw it happening, time and time again… Here’s what I’ve learned using me as an example, but you can put any name in there. Maybe you will see yourself and your relationships in this story too. When I was younger I didn’t spend too much time really working on my friendships. This is how I treated my relationships:

  • Could take it or leave any friendship
  • Felt like I was independent and I didn’t need anyone
  • Chose people that REALLY didn’t care about me or themselves either (birds that flock together…)

I wasn’t taking care of my relationships with my friends or myself it lent a deeper disconnect with the food I ate too. This is how I treated my food:

  • Ate where no one could find me, well hopefully not…
  • Ate REALLY BAD and kept looking in the mirror and kept checking on how my clothes were fitting to see if I was getting AWAY WITH IT… No connection with food as my medicine, my bloat, my extra body fat, my hypothyroid
  • Loved Carbohydrates (carbs) and Ate TONS OF CARBS

Any of this sound familiar that you are doing right now? In the past, not being a good friends was okay to me since I wasn’t fully committed to myself either. I didn’t know how (SCARED) to open myself up to show someone that I cared and needed their love and support. Well I wasn’t always distant in my relationships, as you will see below a collage of me growing up and friends around me. Just like I explained with my food above in how I would see what I could get away with… To see if they would stick around… in food to see if I would gain weight… always peeking around the corner, never fully committed. I learned how to be the BEST Friend that everyone wanted… for about a week, a month, a couple of years, or so. I didn’t think that my life choices were affecting me. Just like in the types of friendships I was choosing to be with. I also didn’t realize that I Kind of Didn’t Like Myself. Why? Because I didn’t know how to be My Best Friend. If I was a friend to myself would I really be saying to myself:

  • You’re FAT!
  • You’re UGLY! or
  • You’re DUMB!

Of course ALL those words didn’t come out at once. But any one of them to fit the occasion. As I got a bit older, I stopped hearing those voices, instead it was so ingrained in my reactions to people (judgement) or stopping myself from stepping into a new situation. I was already telling myself, “I am going to fail”. I didn’t know how to be my best friend. How could I be someone else’s best friend in the purest form and with clear enough vision to nourish my loving relationships?

Does this sound crazy that I am divulging this information?

Information that is so personal. Information that opens up space for anyone to judge me or question what “type” of person that I am.

Then… take a moment. Review. Anything that may be holding you back to finishing your journey with your ultimate goal… maybe being stopped by a mental sabotage that I was talking about earlier? Taking a moment to say I love you to your friends? We need our friends to nourish our soul and our body. Through each step and each Sabotage Breakthrough it becomes clearer in our connection to food being our medicine to an overly worked body.

Collage of friends and friend quote Well this story gets better… I started connecting through being coached myself and health coaching others to finally realize wholeheartedly that our Food Tells A Story in ALL of our body’s, our genes. Everything is connected:

  • Emotions,
  • Body Composition
  • Aging Factor
  • Emotionally Feeling Stable

I took a courageous step and stopped telling myself those bad things that I was telling myself, even when I don’t look my best. In my new transformation I use different wording in asking myself, “What am I missing in my diet that is making me look and feel this way.” or “Why have I not taken time out for myself I am looking unhealthy?”

Now it is your turn to take that big step or go in deeper. Get a jump start on your body and mind reset… make your connection. I am inviting you to be part of my weekly call to keep your healthy vision moving forward. Spending time with me as a coach in these weekly calls will give you the boost and knowledge that you need to step into new actions weekly. Learn more about yourself and your personal journey to getting results:

  • Less stress by learning basic day to day steps for approaching new things in your life.
  • Lose fat just by learning how to balance your body into calmness.
  • Lose weight just by learning the types of foods that will instantly take your inflammation down.
  • Decreased sabotages by learning how to be aware of them.

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