Are You Apple Shaped? Eat These Foods


Eat for pear shape

Eat for pear shape

It is so hard to lose weight and with all the information out there it can get very confusing… down right tiring to keep up on all the latest research.  So let’s get down to the basics.An Apple shaped body is when your body gains weight through the med-section of your body.  Learn about the health issues that can stem from this body type and also the fixes.  Remember take small steps for any change in your life and this will lend your healthy choices to being sustainable.

Health issues if you have this body type:

  • High cortisol levels
  • High pressure on your organs

The Fix:

  • Add breathing exercises to you morning to bring your stress level down.
  • Bring down your “bad” carbohydrates
  • Eat foods in the Low Glycemic Index
  • Add Cumin to your meals to assist in digestion.

Since this body shape does have high pressure on the organs your body is susceptible to Diabetes II, Heart Attack, and Fatty Liver.  So start taking your steps forward in changing this predicament.

Good luck and keep moving forward.




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