Are You HypoThyroid & Box Shaped? Follow This & Lose Weight

Thyroid FunctionThe leading research shows that 1 of 8 women will develop a thyroid dysfunction at some point.  Most don’t know that they have it.  Well, I am one of those people that are hypothyroid and it has been quite a journey in learning how to be successful in weight loss.  I too used to believe that I was not going to be able to get the scale to move in my favor.

Is this you…?  Gain weight all over from your thyroid dysfunction which brings your metabolism to a screeching halt?  I remember those days when the scale sometimes would not even move.

Do these steps to your thyroid health.

1) When using salt make sure that it is not stripped of it’s natural iodine.  You need iodine to support your thyroid function.

2) Start cutting out celiac.  It is known for hindering your thyroid from working.

3) Keep a daily food log to track what you are eating

4) Start reading the back of your packaged food so you know what you are eating.

Food is your medicine!

Good Luck!

Rhonda Liebig

RL Personal Trainer& Health Coach IntegrateTransformThrive

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