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Do you have a specific number on the scale that you are trying to get to? Do you have a specific vision of what our body “should” look like?


These visions can inspire you but at times these goals can sabotage you.  The self sabotaging occurs when the scale does not move or your body doesn’t conform to the vision that you have and you start being hard on yourself to the point where you get no results from what you are doing.


Well how do you get to your goal or how do you change your vision.  First look at your genetics.  Sometimes just looking at genetics is not a good indicator if you have a family that does not workout or eat clean like you are striving to do.  So the second step is to be true in what you are putting into your body DAILY.  If your food is not feeding your nutritional needs than it should not be put into your body start eliminating whites (bread, rice, etc) or sugar (sugar can be hidden in many things).  Then make sure that you are getting a minimum of 3 workouts a week.  Your workouts are going to tone your body and give you shape.  But to get the total results that you are striving for you need to be clean eating.  Think of food as your medicine.  Food will clean up your body and clean up that silent inflammation that occurs from the air we breath, “bad” foods we eat, and stress throughout our daily life.


Above are the general terms of how to get to your goals but below are the steps to get to your goals…



– Eating Clean Macronutrients for every meal [Protein, Vegetables, and Fat]

– Drink your Water.  Water is going to keep your water retention down in your body.  Try adding 2 cups of hot water for the beginning of your day and your last cup of water for the day.  This will go directly into your lymphatic system to flush out your toxins

– Take time for yourself.  Spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day of deep breathing and clearing your thoughts to just being in the moment.


I guarantee that once you are true to your workouts and your daily intake of your foods your goals will start lining up with your vision.


Good luck to you,

Rhonda Liebig

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