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Tuesday Connection time! Good Morning! So excited to connect with you this morning. Let’s talk about transformation. Let’s talk about being bold and strong. However, this time we aren’t going to talk about food or water, but more about the mindset this morning.

As I live my true lifestyle and as an energy revitalizer and mindset freedom coach, I am working with many entrepreneurs right now as they are looking to level up in what they are currently doing. BUT this discussion is for everyone, we are talking about troubled relationships and healing. So, this morning I am focusing on how you feel emotionally through the threshold of just starting to read this email or Facebook LIVE (link here) and how you feel once you close this email or Facebook LIVE. [TRANSFORMATION] 

During my most recent retreat I was asked, “How do I deal with a difficult relationship?”. Thinking about this we deal with relationships every day. Everyone in my retreat was dealing with a strained relationship. Whether it is with a spouse, child, sibling, etc. Also, I notice as I coach more throughout the years we all struggle from time to time with our relationships. My first questions is how do you put that issue out in front of you so it doesn’t eat you up and you lose yourself?

Some people said they try to look past it and pretend that it isn’t there because why dive into the dark stuff? I know for sure that this can be one of the hardest paths to take, ignoring a bad relationship.

If you can, think of these issues as a playdoh ball that is ready to be worked and played with and how it can loosen up and not seem so difficult to play with once you keep playing with it, or in reality practicing talking about these difficult discussions around relationships.

…When you first start, the playdoh is hard and thick and makes you want to throw it against the wall out of frustration. But when you have the playdoh ball out there in front of you as you work with it. To work the playdoh (relationship turmoil) it removes it out of your mind and into more logic instead of being hard sitting there not being touched. Then this frustration trickles down and affects your spirit, your soul.

Not wanting to tackle a bad relationship is understandable. There may be something that you haven’t experienced yet in using your vocals on something that means sooo much to you. So think about it, what if you didn’t sweep it under the rug. What if… you shared your true feelings? 

I can feel a momentary of boldness that could be potentially coming out for you. This discussion, you may be asking, why is a health coach talking about relationships and what I have realized through being in the health industry for over 20 years, our mindset and emotions can stop us from stepping into our deeper purpose in how we show up for ourselves and in our health.  

If you can now start looking at yourself. Who am I? What makes me special? Why should I speak up for myself? What makes me happy? Bring it back to who you are at your core, in your soul. This is the time I like to grab a pen and write it down or just shout it out loud! 

Believe in yourself being “authentically you”.

In my issues with my relationships I was not trusting myself and this became a big heavy topic in this last retreat since I have had to face some dark nights that transformed the way I express through my vocals and my thoughts. I stopped feeling lonely and unworthy. I used to abandon relationships and stop talking or truly just leave the relationships that at one time used to be loving.

So to create more meaning in my life I found more support in like minded community such as my retreats. I learned to keep my thyroid healing happen and use my vocals. Phew it has been a deep learning lesson for me… how about for you in taking those bigger leaps for your  mindset transformation? If you love retreats and like minded community you will want to stay close to these emails as I will be having another retreat coming up in a couple of months and I would love to have you here at my ranch. 

I hope walking through this threshold of the last part of this email created positive feelings about yourself and your goals in your relationships.   

Happy Tuesday. I am so glad you read this email or joined the Facebook LIVE video. Keep it rockin!

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