[Book Signing] Sei Bella and Get to Know “The FITT Solution”

MappedCoverMeet Rhonda Liebig the Certified Holistic Health Coach and #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon on her beautiful process; “The FITT Solution – 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful You!”

Get To Know Rhonda :

Rhonda Liebig has made it her mission to support you for your body, mind transformation and teaching the how to’s on losing the SLUMP and getting into the FITT [Focus, Integrate, Transform, and Thrive]! Rhonda is a leader in motivating women, to take big leaps and bounds in their health to stop battling their weight, low energy and 3pm slump, so that they feel and look 10 years younger by them using her Signature FITT approach! With over 15 years of experience in the health industry and author of “The FITT Solution”. Rhonda is a transformational force who will motivate you to take basic shifts that will lay the foundation to your Sexy, Successful, Authentic journey NOW!

Bonus :
Instantly download Rhonda’s workbook, 3 Video Series in 3 Ways to INCREASED ENERGY so you can ACCLERATE in your HEALTH & INCOME. [Worth – $397]. With this bonus you get:
• 16 page, “3 Way to Increased Energy”, workbook
• 3, 1 hour videos to guide you and coach you to accelerated health and income
o In the video series, each video will coach you into the 3 Ways to Increased Energy.

This bonus is for you if:

 Losing weight is DIFFICULT for you

 Don’t know how to STOP SABOTAGING your diet and health

 Fail in knowing how to INCREASE your ENERGY and LISTENING TO YOURSELF

 Have some fear in changing your daily EATING HABITS because you need it for comfort

 Finding ways to say NO TO YOURSELF but you don’t know how to follow through

 Know that if the SABOTAGES don’t stop this could affect your HEALTH NEGATIVELY

 Ready to STOP STRUGGLING and being distracted with the 3PM SLUMP and BRAIN CLARITY so that you can ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS

This will be on January 26th, http://www.seibellaboutique.com/



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