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1) An interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D.,

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  • Gratitude


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Click here to get the FITT Solution through Amazon for Paperback or for your Kindle

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About the author

Grab “The FITT Solution”

 How to get results with ALL goals using the FITT approach.
 How to determine what workout is good for you
 How to determine what foods that give you a “kick butt” high energy that will thread throughout your day – no more energy dips!
 How to build your life around supporting weight loss. No more diet sabotages!
 How to analyze your food and your workouts to get results.
 How to live life with gratitude
 Plus much more

Rhonda is a leader in coaching women who are battling their weight, low energy and 3pm slump, so that they feel and look 10 years younger by using her Signature FITT approach— Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive! Rhonda is a transformational force who will motivate you to take big leaps in your health. She has been featured on Channel 40, Orgena Rose Show, Podcast radio, Guest Writer, Successful Blogger, FITT Bi-weekly Newsletter, and Muscle Yoga—a 40 minute workout video.
rhondaliebig.com • rhonda@rhondaliebig.com

Grab “The FITT Solution”

Health Coaching

“ Joining Rhonda Liebig is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Rhonda is a dedicated, reliable, knowledgeable professional who is genuinely in touch with each of her clients and their individual goals. She truly makes a connection with each of her clients. I have lost 25 lbs. I have never ever felt better in my life. I have noticed
improvements in my appearance.”
—Maria Pavich






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