Boost Your Energy – The Local Bean Cafe Workshop


Do you have daily low energy that STOPS you from feeling successful? Then this 3 week workshop is for you!

When: Each Wednesday 1-2 PM Starting August 3rd

“Boost Your Energy for Business & Lifestyle ~Never have the 3PM Slump Again!” a three week LIVE coaching course STARTING THIS WEDNESDAY, August 3rd, at 1:00 PM in the Sacramento region.

This course is going to use my “Three Lifestyle Growth Pillars” for maximum results which are Food Approach, Thinking Strategies, and Workout Meridian Approach

This course is for you if you are ready to learn:
*How to finally lose body fat that you thought you couldn’t lose.
*What will de-clog your slow metabolism for double energy.
*How to bring mental clarity and leave the foggy brain behind.
*De-stress and stop the pressure sitting on your shoulders

GET YOUR TICKET WITH LINK BELOW or go directly into The Local Bean Cafe.

This course is designed for three session and three powerful sections that bring clarity through you learning NEW strategies and NEW methods to a subject that has so much confusion buzzing around it… your healthy energy.

Here is what each section is about:

Session 1: “The Proven Strategy To Breakthrough Energy Lows” Phase I implementation will lay out a basic food plan so there is no more guessing work, you will know exactly what to eat right now and why.
You will receive your personal Master Grocery List to guide your shopping trips efficiently and effectively. Know what food to buy and what to leave behind.

Session 2: “The Breakthrough Sabotage Method – Connecting In A New Way” The Breakthrough Sabotage Method is the first step to being aware of words and phrases that are stopping you from making your next big shift in your energy.
Definition of Sabotage: The deliberate attempt to damage, destroy or hinder a cause of activity, i.e. weight loss, goal success, etc

Session 3: “The Total 3 Energy Steps for Lasting Results” Revisit the strategies you have learned throughout this mini-class to unveil the workout that you need to add right now to unclog the stagnate energy and burn body fat.

Come be part of the energy fun at The Local Bean Cafe and Rhonda’s dynamic workshop! Grab your ticket NOW below…


Investment: $30


Still wondering if you should be part of this three week course?
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