Imperfections AND Accepting It: This Will Double Your Energy [VLOG]

“Your Imperfections: Are your Perfections!” Learn in this video to get passed the first step… liking ourselves. Learn more in this video. Then opt into my FREE video series:

I Have Type 2 Diabetes – Will it get worse as I age?[VLOG]

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Do You Know The 5 Steps To Lose Weight?

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Balance Blood Sugar to Flat Belly and Higher Energy [free video series]

You may have found my blog because you are dealing with one or 2 of these issues: bulging belly and / or low energy. And you may be finding that both of these issues go hand and hand. You may also be feeling that there is BIG┬áconfusion on how to strip away all the information […]

Give Back To Yourself So That You Can Organize Your Day To Higher Energy

  STAT: Chronic stress has shown to have a number of negative health impacts from lack of weight loss and not to mention im-pairing the immune system. ~Huffington Post What would you do to decrease the stress and find your sparkly, happy side of yourself. What if I said that you can do it in […]