Fresh Inspiration Tour Virtual Symposium – Jun 2021

June 24, 2021 – Click Here for Event Details

Stop Dieting To Lose Weight For The Rest Of Your Life

At 12 years old, I wasn’t a fat kid. As a matter of fact, I was pretty skinny (that’s me on the right in the blue jeans). But, all the girls at school were on diets, and the women’s magazines were recommending diets, and my mom was on a diet as well. I remember thinking, […]

Bold and Beautiful in Health

Hi! Tuesday Connection time! Good Morning! So excited to connect with you this morning. Let’s talk about transformation. Let’s talk about being bold and strong. However, this time we aren’t going to talk about food or water, but more about the mindset this morning. As I live my true lifestyle and as an energy revitalizer […]

Revitalize Energy Retreat – April

April 24 – 25, 2020 – Click Here for Event Details

The Power of Now

Welcome to this Tuesday connection. How are you feeling today? I feel amazing! It took a little bit to get going but here I am on our connection day after a walk around my energy track on the ranch. Today I was going to talk about working out, but then something happened, I got really […]

Let Your Brilliance Shine

  Catch me speaking at… Have you been holding yourself back from doing the things you want? Do you feel like you’re stuck? Are you ready to be INSPIRED and EMPOWERED? Do you want more in life than what you’re doing NOW? At Tranzformation Public Relations (TPR) we hold transformational events annually and bring in […]

Cleansing Your Liver Is Like Doing Your Laundry

  “By 2025, chronic disease will affect an estimated 164 million Americans – nearly half (49%) of the population”   My live segment on Fox 40, I discussed how to use Licorice Root and Schizandra Berry Tea for cleansing the liver. Once the liver is de-clogged and destressed emotions dissolve from angered and agitated to calm and […]

Should Working Out Be Your #1 Priority In Your Health Plan?

I have a questions for you… “Should Working Out Be Your #1 Priority In Your Health Plan?” A great question to ponder when making life long goals for 1) losing weight, 2) feeling great, 3) having higher energy, and 4) feeling good about yourself. This vlog will help you determine what is important to your […]

You Need a Master Grocery List to Lose Weight

Have you ever gone shopping and wandered around the a master grocery list is a must. A recipes you a So now  you’re going to be more connected with the energy. So a master grocery list is a must! Leave a comment how you are you successful in your skinny kitchen? Do you use a […]

My Fox 40 Interview Through My Sons Eyes

Behind The Scenes Through My Sons Eyes February 24th I had a great experience on Fox 40 which was my second time being on the set. Fox 40’s morning producer has been so nice and supportive in what I have been able to bring to their audience. I spent time on their set talking about […]