Meet Me At Origins In Sacramento (Event & Contest)

What is your most painful beauty factor that you are dealing with right now? And… is this beauty factor affecting how you feel about yourself? Is it a pain in your behind of MORE LIKE A PAIN IN YOUR BELLY? I have a FITT Solution for you right now! Listen to the video above if […]

Train Your Brain To Decreased Stress

When it comes to daily stress, the usual suspects/ sabotages are hiding out deep in the brain doing their dirty work, causing all kinds of stressful moments in your day. And usually we don’t even know that they are stopping us from being our best selves. Your mental sabotages may blame “no room in the schedule” […]

The How To’s- Pause and Heal Painful Diabetic Symptoms [Free, Interactive Webinar]

“The How To’s – Pause & Heal Painful Symptoms of Diabetes!” In the free webinar you are going to learn the first step to healing the painful symptoms of diabetes… I’m giving my time and full attention to coaching you into action in your first steps of diabetic health, to GET RESULTS: 1) Lose weight […]

Reclaim Your Sexy FITT Energy [Virtual Workshop]

Reclaim Your Sexy FITT Energy! [Virtual Workshop] STARTING JAN 21ST “I lost 9.5 pounds in Rhonda’s last challenge!” Darlene Nutter OK it’s already January and a week has gone by for 2014. Have you already forgot that you promised yourself that you were going to live a more balanced life after the holidays… and you […]

[Video BLOG] Feeling Unorganized? Follow These Steps To Start Your Organization

Do you have many areas that you need to tackle? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? When you look at your home do you wish that you had a cleaner and tidier home?  And the list goes on…  Take a step back and let’s get down to the basic and what is important […]

The 8 primary causes of cravings

Dehydration – The body doesn’t send the message that you are thirsty until you are on the verge of dehydration. Dehydration occurs as mild hunger, so the first thing to do when you get a strange craving is to drink a full glass of water. Lifestyle- Being dissatisfied with a relationship, having an inappropriate exercise […]

Eat Your Almonds & Cacoa Nibs

What is so great about each one of these, Almonds and Cacoa Nibs?  Of course Almonds and Cacoa Chips make an awesome snack together.  But the health benefits are even more inspiring. Raw almonds is known as one of our “superfoods”.  Why?  Almonds have fiber and that will add an instant energy boost. These nuts are densely packed […]

What is an On-Line Workout? How to get Set Up

What is an On-Line Workout? How to get Set Up for an On-Line Workout?   It’s a workout that you can do at home with me, a Master trainer and Owner of RL Personal Trainer & Health Coach   Use a computer that has a camera & Microphone built in or purchase at your local department […]

Why Use A Health Coach? Answered by Physician Voice

Can health coaches help fix our healthcare system?   Simply put, habits are hard to break and bad habits like smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle and overeating are making our population sick. Who in the healthcare system can tackle these issues before they manifest into chronic disease?   Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat, but they […]

Why should you workout?

Head-to-Toe Benefits of Exercise    Burns calories before & during physical activity   Helps maintain weight loss   Boosts mood and energy   Increases self-esteem and self-confidence    Improves cardiovascular health    Boosts immunity   Increases brain size and keeps you mentally sharp   Improves sleep   Reduces risk for diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, certain […]