3 Leadership Pillars Igniting Your Business Success – Master Class

Get your casual clothes and enjoy a night of transformation. This master class is located in Wilton CA. Once you sign up you will get the direct address. June 8th’s theme [PAST EVENT]: Kickbox Energy Directly Into Your Business: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass July 27th’s theme: Igniting the Cross Training Energy Flow: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass August 17th’s […]

24 Hour Holiday Sale – “Ready For Your Breakout Moment?”

        Start Dates December 8th 2014                     Invest 100% In Yourself! Get ALL 3! Investment $479 – SAVE $764.97 Thank you so much for stopping by my page. Here are some success stories:

TFC “Summer Vacation Series” – FITT In The Body You Love

What has stopped you from being in the body that you love? Is it just that you need that additional support? Or additional Encouragement? Well here it is for you and it’s FREE. Just fill out the form below and you will receive a mini support book with recipes and positive affirmations, RIGHT NOW! Each […]

FITT Group Workout for Yoga Weights & Cardio

3 Month Group Workout Program Starting: March 31st Workout Days: Monday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of Yoga Wednesday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of  Yoga Friday 1:45 PM FITT Yoga How I Support As a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer • Helping you decide what are healthy food […]

VIP Diamond Day- Accelerated Health & Income

[Group] VIP Diamond Day – Stop The Sabotage so that you can Accelerate your Health & Income [Group] VIP Diamond Day – Stop The Sabotage [Feb 7th] In A Private Suite The VIP Diamond Day [Group] is an incredible pampering day along with support in your shift onto your authentic path. What’s great about this […]

Drinking Water and Still Thirsty? Learn What May Be Happening

Why is it that you can drink water ALL day and still feel dehydrated?  Then as soon as you drink your water you are excreting it out.  Why is this happening?  I get asked this question almost daily.  This mainly occurs when people are starting to implement water back into their diet. What happens is the […]

[Video Blog] Ouch My Achy Knee and Shoulder

Keep yourself Injury free by watching this video and following these rules. There are so many injured people out there. Are you one of them? Even if you are not there is always a potential if your positioning of your body is not correct throughout your workouts. First thing… if you are working out with […]

Ball Toss

1 Move 11 Muscles that are being used:   Today clients used a weighted medicine ball throwing it back and forth. Here are the muscles you use in this type of move.   Quads Glutes Calves Hamstrings Abs Lower Back Chest Front Delts Lateral delts Bi’s Tri’s Now that’s a workout. Get as many muscles […]

[Video Blog] Workout To Keep Your Stress Low

See the range of health bonuses attributed to exercise.  The latest research suggests that workouts may do the following: Keep you young.      Workouts such as brisk walking or cycling boost the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise. Improving your aerobic capacity by just 15 to 25 percent would be like shaving 10 to 20 years off […]

The 6th Month Mark – CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Recent Studies have shown that people who have worked out off and on throughout their life will have a 6th MONTH HURDLE. This 6th MONTH HURDLE is where you learn to fit your workouts in throughout stress in your life and any general excuse(s) not to workout.  The best thing about getting through this hurdle is that these […]