3 Leadership Pillars Igniting Your Business Success – Master Class

Get your casual clothes and enjoy a night of transformation. This master class is located in Wilton CA. Once you sign up you will get the direct address. June 8th’s theme [PAST EVENT]: Kickbox Energy Directly Into Your Business: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass July 27th’s theme: Igniting the Cross Training Energy Flow: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass August 17th’s […]

What Workout Is For You? Take The Assessment!

Here I go DANCING AGAIN… It can be confusing when deciding what type of workout to do right now to get that perfect flow of energy for the day. So I made it clear & simple for you. I have created an assessment that tells you exactly where you are energetically stuck. Once you have […]

24 Hour Holiday Sale – “Ready For Your Breakout Moment?”

        Start Dates December 8th 2014                     Invest 100% In Yourself! Get ALL 3! Investment $479 – SAVE $764.97 Thank you so much for stopping by my page. Here are some success stories:

TFC “Summer Vacation Series” – FITT In The Body You Love

What has stopped you from being in the body that you love? Is it just that you need that additional support? Or additional Encouragement? Well here it is for you and it’s FREE. Just fill out the form below and you will receive a mini support book with recipes and positive affirmations, RIGHT NOW! Each […]

Start Your Day Rebounding and Burn Mega Calories QUICK!

This morning I spent time rebounding/ jumping with the family before their school day.  Doing this fun activity I actually took care of 2 important things.  The kids loved me spending time with them plus I was also able to get a quick workout in just 30 minutes.  Wow taking care of 2 things at one […]

The 6th Month Mark – CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Recent Studies have shown that people who have worked out off and on throughout their life will have a 6th MONTH HURDLE. This 6th MONTH HURDLE is where you learn to fit your workouts in throughout stress in your life and any general excuse(s) not to workout.  The best thing about getting through this hurdle is that these […]

Something to Sweat About

The blog that I did recently “THOUGHTS – CHALLENGES” was inspired by reading this article in Oxygen Magazine.  I am hoping that you enjoy it and get something out of it.  Give me a blog on how get through your challenges.        When it comes to building a lean, strong and fit body, there’s only one person who […]

Get Your Skype Ready

Currently I have 6 Skype Clients and it is a sinche to set up.  Skype is a website where you use video and a microphone to communite to each other.  The Skype Workouts are just as if you are in the studio but in the Luxury of your own home.     Items needed for Set […]


NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: IMPROVE HEALTH.   I saw these stats on MSN.com Health that gave me a jolt and a reminder of the importance of lifting weights, cardio workouts, and healthy eating can do for us:     Percentage of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease without prior symptoms: 66% Number of adult women […]


Since I was a kid I used to eat stuff that I did not like that taste of if I knew it was good for me, example holding my nose and swallowing peas (YUK!).  My drive to be as healthy as I could be came from the acknowledgment of health issues that run in my family: heart attacks […]