Healthy Tips

Stretching – Dynamic Stretching is safe because you are working within your own range of motion and doing a light bounce. This may help you release tension in your muscle and then allow you to stretch further. Do not do Ballistic stretching which are heavy bounces in which you may get tiny tears in your […]

Get Your Program Going #3

Tracking your diet and following clean eating (whole foods) is the most difficult part of your program. Please hang in there and you will be happy with the results.  Sign up @ and start tracking your daily diet.  It’s very educational and a great tool.    There is a spot on the website where you can add […]

Get YOUR Program Going #1

There are a many WONDERFUL results that should occur in your body while you are in a GOOD program.  But your coach/trainer (if you have one) is not the only one on the “hook”, you are too.    There are many reasons for getting into bad habits, as we all know, but how do you get yourself to […]

Get Your Program Going #2

In the first blog we talked about doing a mental inventory and getting everything departmentalized to determine what is your food/stress triggers.  Remember food is about 80% of your program results.  Remember though that clean eating is a step in your program and a well rounded program will also have intense workouts to get you to your healthiest: Bathing suit […]

Susan – Person of the Month #1 Blog

Hi my name is Susan and I have been coming to the studio since October and I have noticed some wonderful changes in me and my health.  As you can see my picture is not in this blog because I feel like I still have so many more hurdles to jump over before I am […]

Susan- Person of the Month #2

Thank you girlfriendss for all the kind words and cheering on.  The power of the group is with us, let’s have fun doing it and definitely boogy down.   My workouts consist of coming to the Studio and walking on my treadmill.  I am feeling stronger each week which gets me excited and now in […]

V Sit-Up Get A Partner

The other morning the group did V Sit Partner Rotation with a Medicine Ball.  This workout is wonderful for you mid-section and rotator muscles.  If you have a partner this is a great workout.  See the following muscles that It targets. Primary Muscles: Latissimus Dorsi (Lats), Erector Spinae, Anterior and Medial Delts (front & mid […]