[Challenge] 10 Days To Slim – Let’s Challenge Each Other

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So we just got done with the holidays. I thought that I was doing pretty good; eating good/ eating bad. I felt it was a good balance. Well anything off balance is going to affect our weight. Yes I gained weight and I need some motivation. How about you? Did something like that happen to you and you are in need of motivation too?

For all of you who are feeling like this or just want to be a part of something FUN, I have this for you: “10 Days to Slim” for free.

If you are interested Blog back to me below this Blog so you can claim to yourself and everyone else that you are taking aciton and jumping into the 10 Days to Slim group.

Here’s how it works starting Friday, January 10th thru 19th

You will receive a daily e-mail at 5:00 AM PST [opt into my newsletter] that will tell you what your challenge is for the day. This challenges will be set around:

  • Working out,
  • Eating a certain vegetable [which I will give you a recipe for],
  • Journal on a specific subject to get you moving forward on your authentic path…
  • You name it SKIES THE LIMIT!

This challenge is for you if:

  • You are ready to lose the holiday weight and some.
  • Don’t know how to STOP SABOTAGING your diet and health
  • Fail in knowing how to INCREASE your ENERGY and LISTENING TO YOURSELF
  • Finding ways to say NO TO YOURSELF but you don’t know how to follow through
  • You are ready to have fun!
  • Your health is important to you and you ready to rid yourself of the bloat.

Alight so who is in? Click “Reply” on this e-mail and be ready to jump into action on Friday. Each day is going to be unique and fun!

Here’s to a FITT, Sexy you!

Rhonda Liebig,

AADP Certified Health Coach

Author, The FITT Solution –  4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!

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