Decreased Wrinkles With Just a Few Tweaks [Webinar]

“Calming Techniques To Slow The Aging Factor by Decreasing The Stress.” As a holistic health coach and blogger I do daily research on how to get the quickest results possible to losing weight and feeling & looking like our best selves. The latest research is showing that if you learn how to calm the mental chaos and find the daily balance that is can increase your lifespan (per Dr. Dean Ornish) plus increase your Beauty Factor. NOW You’re Talking!

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Date: October 23rd

Time: @11AM PDT

Let’s starting the discussion, what kind of mental tools do you need right now to start your journey and get results quickly?

In “Decreased Wrinkles With 3 Tweaks” FREE webinar you are going to:

  • Feel like you hit the RESET button to a fresher approach for results.
  • Have increased clarity in how to control and balance your daily hectic schedule
  • Feel like you can naturally take a deep breath instead of gulping for air trying to swim to the surface of your stress.

Per Dean Ornish, stress increases our aging factor by changing our cells and our Telemores. Learn more by being part of my Tuesday, October 23rd webinar.

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