Detox to Revitalized Energy : Mind Body Connection [In a box]

Energy Throughout The Entire Day With NO Dips

Sound Realistic? 

The “Detox to ReVitalized Energy” is strategically planned for your core results of blood sugar balance and high energy. Throughout each stage of the program you’ll be guided and coached utilizing my “Energy ReVitalize Pillars”, which are mind, food, and body movement. With over 15 years of experience in the health industry I’ve been able to create a consistent, realistic approach that has gotten so many clients amazing results.

The Detox Story

I first offered the Quarterly Detox, about 5 years ago, when I noticed a gap that needed to be filled. I heard friends and clients say they were feeling stuck in their healthy journey. And I found that just giving answers to their health questions wasn’t enough. The real power was in learning each concept and applying that knowledge, in a nurturing guided space. This was key to their future success. And connecting to others on this journey of knowledge and application was also key – to be able to share what was going on while they were creating their new lifestyle. The energy and support of community on this journey together is amazing. The Detox Facebook group was born.  

Questions and Answers

Here are some consistent questions and core motivation for the Detox Group.


Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do I itch after I eat?
  • Why does my body bloat more on certain days?
  • Why do I have a dry spot on my hand that comes and goes?
  • Why am I carrying so much mucus and not just seasonally? 
  • Why is my metabolism slowing down… is it due just to aging?
  • Why don’t I have enough energy to accomplish my day on my own terms?

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