Join The 4 Phase Journey of Whole Foods
a gentle 30 day detox...


Reserve my spot!  

Reserve your detox spot early. As soon as you get in, you will gai access to the Detox to ReVitalized Energy Facebook Group. I will teach you tips on how to implement new foods and deepen your connection to whole foods. This is also the time to meet and build your community support with people just like you.

This Entire Detox Is Specifically Created For You To Have

  • Energy throughout the day!
  • Less sugar cravings!
  • Sustained, calm power!
  • Mind, clarity, and brain power!

This Is The Detox At Work

  • Blood purification!
  • Reset blood sugar!
  • Rebalance hormonal system!
  • Strengthened immune system!
  • Improved liver, gallbladder, kidney and bladder function!

Energy Throughout The Entire Day With No Dips 

Sound Realistic? 

The "Detox to ReVitalized Energy" is strategically planned for your core results of blood sugar balance and high energy. Throughout each stage of the program, you'll be guided and coached utilizing my "Energy ReVitalize Pillars", which are mind, food, and body movement. With over 15 years of experience in the health industry, I've been able to create a consistent, realistic approach that has provided amazing results for so many clients.

The Detox Story

I first offered the Quarterly Detox, about 5 years ago, when I noticed a gap that needed to be filled. I heard friends and clients say they were feeling stuck in their healthy journey. I found that just giving answers to their health questions wasn't enough. The real power was in learning each concept and applying that knowledge in a nurturing, guided space. This was key to their future success. Connecting to others on this journey of knowledge and application was also key - to be able to share what was going on while they were creating their new lifestyle. The energy and support of community on this journey together is amazing. The Detox Facebook group was born.  

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions and core motivation for the Detox Group. 

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do I itch after I eat?
  • Why does my body bloat more on certain days?
  • Why do I have a dry spot on my hand that comes and goes?
  • Why am I carrying so much mucus and not just seasonally? 
  • Why is my metabolism slowing down... is it due just to aging?
  • Why don't I have enough energy to accomplish my day on my own terms?

Here's Why It Works

In this 30 day program, you'll learn to self-evaluate and start to build a knowledge based around these core questions. Past participants learned that they were allergic to foods they were eating daily, usually realized in the fourth week of this program. You'll be getting a lot of "AHAs!" about exactly what's going on for you and your body. 

Until you reset, clear cravings, and discover your triggers, yo-yo dieting and old feelings of failure will occur over and over again. Causing stubborn pounds to stay and even increase over the years ~ pounds that will not go away.


Why You Need A Specialized Detox

Safely Boost Results!

This detox is based on the results from my latest research... and prior successes. I know what strategies and what goals should be worked on each week. We make this a gentle detox plan... created to meet you where you are today. Nothing harsh. Nothing unpleasant. With my P3 Plate Plan Phasing tool, we'll take you easily from one, all the way through to day 30. With these easy to use tools, and your new mindset, you'll see changes that you didn't think were possible before you started. You'll feel clear, energized, and inspired to continue on your healthy journey. 

When you invest in "Detox To ReVitalized Energy", you'll immediately received my patented ROAR Method Assessment. My signature assessment will guide you to which detox you should participate in, The Liver Detox or The Kidney Detox. This process is set up so one organ system isn't overloading the other organ system. Instead of feeling hazy and slow like many other detoxes, you'll feel a higher flow of energy at each stage. The organ flow will begin to open up as it naturally should. Eating the detox way, while learning how to work your personalized plan, will enhance your understanding of your health story. 

Receive Expert Advice!

You'll get my expert advice and attention throughout the 30 days with our LIVE weekly coaching sessions and inspiring e-mails to help you maintain focus.  

Enjoy Community Support!

You'll also be getting Facebook LIVE coaching in the Private Detox Facebook Group. I'll be there LIVE with you, doing cooking demonstrations and helping you discover where the energy is in your kitchen. This is one of my favorite parts, because we get to connect and I can share with you the joy I've found in feeling good and eating right. And I'll help you do that too!

The Detox Is Also Fun... BONUS!


4th Annual Energy FITT Retreat: Mind, Body Soul Connection! Worth $397

This three day event is created for you to revitalize your energy and mindset. Throughout your weekend, you will discover and ceate your personal energy blueprint for a sustainble energy plan.

Rhonda has been bringing her community together to give you additional support during the retreat weekend of additional services with Reflexologists, a Masseuse, and Dessert Expert so that you learn your highet self care and have your dessert too.

Once you invest in the detox, you will receive more details about this day.

About Rhonda Liebig, creator of the detox: 

Rhonda is fiercely committed to supporting busy people that are exhausted and ready to revitalize their body and mind to be unstoppable in their business and life. 

Over 20 years in the health industry, Rhonda specializes in breaking through energy road blocks by using her “The Energized Path Solution- Stop the Vicious Cycle to You”, her signature five step strategy that creates your day with tenacious energy. 

Rhonda will inspire you to face areas of self-limiting beliefs so that you build a momentum to your healthy plan that can be so confusing for many, deep self-care. As a leader, she is passionate in what she does and has built her business on a strong foundation as an AADP Certified Health Coach. Author “The FITT Solution”, an international Speaker and Podcaster “Freedom, Play & Fun”. 

You may have also seen Rhonda through the media platform on Fox News, Good Day Sacramento, and other interview circuits. Her Energy ReVitalize Coaching has supported clients located in the US and abroad  

“Once I broke through my daily exhaustion that’s when I realized how powerful and productive my day is with higher energy and clearer thoughts.”

~Ana Soto 

 “Working with Rhonda I learned that I have issues with sugar and how my body reacts to it with aches and pains in my joints. Having that knowledge changed my daily food choices. If I choose to eat sugar I now know what my results are going to be. I am more knowledgeable to what my food allergies are. I am a better grocery shopper. Thank you Rhonda!” 

~Christie Johnson 

 “I found a desire in eating healthier. My belly is looking more flat and my dresses are looking more gorgeous on me!” 

~Maria Appelqvist (Sweden) 

“I learned that dairy has been giving me headaches. Before Rhonda’s coaching I was doing a lot of self sabotage, not much life balance, and have learned to eat for my body. I would recommend Rhonda if you want more life balance, to lose weight, get into action, and ready to learn more about your personal journey.” 

~Samantha Persson 

 “Within two weeks I lost 2 inches off my hips!” 

~Elizabeth Hamilton 

“Realizing that I can feel so satisfied by eating so simply and clean. Finishing a meal and not feeling bloated feels amazing! I now know that I have food allergies that make me congested and once I started eating for my body my congestion clears up.” 

~Beverly Liebig 

 “The first week I lost 5 lbs. and I didn’t even realize that I could even lose weight. I feel less pain with my rheumatoid arthritis, more present, and centered in my day!” 

~Estelle Lyman