Do You Have The Daily Aches & Pains? Here Is What I Am Doing To Help My Clients

Feel good in your bodyDo you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and maybe even having aches and pains?  Do you have arthritis? Maybe Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Well here is what I am doing for my client’s through Skype and at the Studio.  This is for you if you have Arthritis & General Aches & Pains.

Have you heard of connective tissue therapy?  Over the past 15 years there has been intense research being done on our connective tissue and with this vast amounts of information giving us facts that if your connective tissue is not in shape… then maybe you are not looking at the whole picture of true health.  I have been studying about this important tissue and decided to implement this connective tissue therapy to help get my client’s more flexible and more energy with their workouts… I call it pain management therapy, for now.  Each client that works out with me finishes with some component of this therapy.

This therapy can open up your hands, feet, back, neck, hip… you name it.  Most of us connect with our daily pain as being normal discomforts or “getting older”, can you identify with these symptoms?

  • Wake up and feel stiff?
  • Achy when you get out of your chair or after exercise?
  • Walking up stairs in painful?
  • Feeling the need to adjust, stretch, crack, or rub your neck or back to relieve tension?
  • Feeling stiffness or swelling in your fingers?
  • Just unexplainable aches or stiffness in multiple areas of your body?

Sometimes these pains can be healed with a basic connective tissue therapy but make sure to check with your doctor if you have chronic pain to rule out disease or illness. Even with medical issues this connective tissue therapy has been linked with releasing pain.  Our connective tissues just get stuck and when that happens the flow of fluid stops and can effect the whole system, thus achy body and malnutrition in parts of our body.  Our cells carry our nutrients and that is why is is very important to keep this tissue healthy and flowing.

Why does our connective tissue need to be worked?  I was asking myself that too… The clogged system is from repetitve stress and strain of day to day living.  Also just our day to day movements and postures create dehydration and joint compression. For example, sitting at a desk to doing extreme sports/ working out, carrying children, heavy bags, medications, poor diet and the list can go on with variations based on your lifestyle.

What does this therapy do for my clients?

  • Erase negative effects of daily wear and tear
  • Improve the body’s overall alignment
  • Increase flexibility
  • Help restore whole body mobility, balance, and stability
  • Overall feeling of well being and body ease

I invite you to take a look at my services to start your pain management therapy along with workouts and health coaching.  Start getting your body balanced.

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