Do You Have The Go Go Go Syndrome?


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If you’re constantly on the go, you could have a legit syndrome titled go-go-go syndrome. Rhonda Liebig, health coach and author, shares some secrets to calming that down with some simply, healthy recipes. Signs of this syndrome include swelling under the eyes or face and belly bloating. Mae interviews Rhonda and gets the details about calming teas.

Let’s start discussing how you can protect the body from emotional signs of the Go Go Go Syndrome:

  • Exhausted
  • Overly Stress
  • Restless Sleep…

Also the physical signs of the Go Go Go Syndrome:

  • Belly Bloat
  • Under eyes swelling
  • Full face swelling…

Listen to the video and you will have 3 herbal teas that you can drink to start your journey into ridding your body of signs from the Go Go Go Syndrome.


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