Drinking Water and Still Thirsty? Learn What May Be Happening

Soft BallWhy is it that you can drink water ALL day and still feel dehydrated?  Then as soon as you drink your water you are excreting it out.  Why is this happening?  I get asked this question almost daily.  This mainly occurs when people are starting to implement water back into their diet.

What happens is the body gets dehydrated and then loses the ability to absorb the water.  This will then  leave spots in the body that get dehyrdated.  This means that these parts of the body that is not receiving the nutrients because of the dead cells will start to have issues that you may not notice because you have been living with it for awhile.  This can lead to joint pain, osteoporosis, inflammation, the list of issues can be quite big because of lack of nutrients in the dehydrated area… you can even lose your beauty factor.

Here are 3 Steps to clean up your dead cells and rejuvenate your system.  Get yourself to your ultimate energy and pain free FIT life?

1) Increase your water consumption for the following results:

a) Increase Oxygen into your body

b) Increase Energy

c) Increase the ability to absorb your nutrients.

2) Purchase a stess ball to open up your clogged system.

3) Sign up to work with me and start up your Living Pain Free Techniques workout.  You will work with me as a personal trainer plus a step up to this service with a pain free therapy session.

Why would you want to work with me in dealing with your pain free management?  Because within 15 minutes of working with me you will start feeling improvement in your circulation and you will feel a release with less pain.  The more sessions that we work together on your pain management the better results you will get out of this therapy.

Follow these 3 basics and you will be on a road to pain management.


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