Eat To Keep Your Mood Up – Even When You Are Down

Eat To Keep Your Mood Up – Even When You Are Down




Eating good for yourself even when you are feeling down can sometimes be difficult to do.  Sometimes almost a daunting task…


Why do we lean toward our unhealthy comfort foods when we know what the outcome is going to be?  The instant gratification that we receive will only last for a few seconds after it is eaten… then comes the bloating, haziness, and low energy.



How to work towards breaking the cycle.  Next time when you have a down moment think about what is “bothering” you and how you can actively change what is happening in your life to bring you down.  If you stay in the moment and actively move forward towards your goals in your life, you will be able to capture a lot of the good that can occur for you in life.


Good luck!


Rhonda Liebig

RL Personal Trainer& Health Coach


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