Eat Your Almonds & Cacoa Nibs

Chocolate & CacoaWhat is so great about each one of these, Almonds and Cacoa Nibs?  Of course Almonds and Cacoa Chips make an awesome snack together.  But the health benefits are even more inspiring. Raw almonds is known as one of our “superfoods”.  Why?  Almonds have fiber and that will add an instant energy boost. These nuts are densely packed with nutrients and minerals that are essential to maintaining your optimal health. Most notable are high contents of both manganese and vitamin E. Manganese is essential for your bones and metabolism and vitamin E supports heart health.

Not Everyone knows about the Cacoa Nib along with it’s kick-butt health benefits.  According to a research article on, the nib actually starts out as a bean growing on tropical trees. And this dark chocolate is loaded with heart-healthy chemicals called flavonols that are high in antioxidants.

Remember everything that we eat will go for fuel to our body or be stored as fat.  So each meal think about asking yourself, “What am I am going to fuel my body with for each meal.” I actually physically put my food in the palm of my hand during preparation and determine if this food is fuel for my day or sink me to my low [my 3PM slump].  Depending on what your answer is will help you start taking the steps to make your decision for each meal in what you should do for your health.

Here’s to All those Superfoods.


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