True or false – Eating small meals every few hours boosts your metabolism…

Does eating small meals boost your metabolism?False. There is a slight rev in metabolism every time you eat.  This is due to your body has to work in order to digest that food-—as long as you’re eating throughout the day (say every 4-5 hours or so), you’ll be optimizing this metabolic rev and do not need to worry about eating more often. The research isn’t definitive, but most studies have found that meal timing and frequency (how often you eat throughout the day) does not affect metabolic rate or rate of weight loss. It’s your collective calories that matter most at the end of the day, whether those calories are from 6 to 7 mini meals or 3 squares. I guide my clients into eating about every 4 hours and enough of the “good” food to get them to the next 4 hours.  Bio-individuality, you need to look within in what makes your body feel the best.
If you are eating every 2 hours or so, be extra careful to keep portions small at each eating occasion. It’s very easy to let those “mini meals” grow into larger meals, and then you wind up taking in too many calories and gaining weight as a result. Aim for around 200 calories per mini meal if you’re eating 6-7 meals per day.

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