The FITT Solution To An Energetic Body [Speaking Engagement]

A great video to watch to get to know me and why Weight Loss is not the most important result for your health journey (excuse the early morning no  makeup)

Catch this video and then call Lisa to reserve your spot for my Petaluma, CA LIVE Engagement

Want to see me LIVE and learn about the tools that I have been using with my client’s to get results?

“5% body fat loss in 1 month”  

“4.5 inches lost in 1 month?”

During this speaking engagement: “The FITT Solution to an Energetic Body” on March 12th @ 6:00 PM, I will be supporting you to looking at your body as a whole energetic system.

You will learn how to stop looking at your symptoms in the “OLD SCHOOL” sense such as asking questions like,

“Why can’t I lose weight?”,
“Why is my face breaking out?”,
“Why am I aging so quickly?” and
“Why don’t I have energy any more?”
I am going to introduce tools to you to answer those questions and much more in a “NEW SCHOOL” kind of way.

See you in Petaluma, CA and Reserve your spot with Lisa at:

When: March 12th at 6:00 PM

Location: 1301 Southpoint Boulevard


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