Reclaim Your Sexy FITT Energy [Virtual Workshop]

Reclaim Your Sexy FITT Energy! [Virtual Workshop] STARTING JAN 21ST

“I lost 9.5 pounds in Rhonda’s last challenge!” Darlene Nutter

OK it’s already January and a week has gone by for 2014. Have you already forgot that you promised yourself that you were going to live a more balanced life after the holidays… and you have already fallen off your promise(s)?

So you are in need of this virtual workshop that is going to:

  • learn new ways to TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF
  • Stop your SABOTAGES

Rhonda Health Coach and Author of “The FITT Solution” is ready to share with you 3 Ways to INCREASED ENERGY in the 3, 1 hour virtual live coaching session. Awesome, a Live Virtual Workshop in the comfort of your own home, work, car, hotel.. anywhere.

This Live Virtual Workshop is for you if:

    • You need extra support after the holiday sabotages
    • Ready to make a change
    • Interested and open to learning new ways to shift your day for sucess
    • Needing additional support to move your healthy journey forward
    • Ready to work with a coach and jump into action

Rhonda will get you into action with the 3 step series Energy Virtual Workshop.

Your tools for your transformation:

      • Live 1 hour coaching weekly
      • 16 page Energy workbook
      • Built Templates to support your journey
      • Master Grocery List
      • Recipes

Days and Time for the Virtual Workshop:
Tuesday, January 21st @12PST
Tuesday, January 28th @12PST
Tuesday, February 4th @12PST

Once you step into this workshop and make a commitment to yourself you will recieve a download of my 16 page workbook that will be used in your 3 week course.

Catch you on the other side!

Investment $275

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