[Event] Ready to Know How To Beat Your “Bad” Genes While Balancing Your Blood Sugar?


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1) Over 15 year’s experience in the health industry
2) Latest research on Epigenetics and
3) Organ Meridian’s.
so that we can dig in deep on how to take the strategic steps to balanced blood sugar.

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In this webinar you are going to learn:

1) The quick result strategies to blood sugar balance
2) Flat belly food strategies and the key to results
3) Ways to combat your “bad” genes; based on the latest research on epigenetics
4) How to start healing your body.
5) How to be nicer to yourself to stop the sugar sabotages

Be ready to spend the day with me.


…And if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch my video, “The Scoop on Juicing and Blood Sugar Balance”, grat it here: https://rhondaliebig.leadpages.net/juicing-how-tos/
This is a great video for guidance on 3 steps to look at before your body is ready to juice, especially when dealing with sugar sensitivity.

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