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Participants of the 14 Days to a Flat Belly – Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You!

“Rhonda Coaches From The Heart!” Barbara Wackman

“Rhonda Brings Life Balance!” Maria Appelqvist

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VIP Dinner to Energy –

Before I released my first book, “The FITT Solution – 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!” I invited people over to my studio for two years to create new recipes and learn how to be playful with food that in the past I believed was hard to dress up to taste good. Then I discovered how much fun it was to bring a party together of like-minded groups to create and nurture this area of “loving on food”. With that mindset, I took it another notch and realized how this was affecting the guests that were coming in and learning how to enjoy healthy eating in a basic way and connect with the kitchen in a way that doesn’t feel so burdensome. This is where the VIP Dinner to Energy was created.

In this night you will learn where to find Energy in:

  • Refrigerator
  • Pantry
  • Local foods
  • New recipes, and
  • The must-have layout in your kitchen

I welcome you into the first quarter of the years VIP Dinner for 2019. The group is already forming and I only have seats for up to six lucky people that are ready to transform themselves through wholesome good food. It’s time to play! Are you in?

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To a special night and tour that is so unique, you won’t find another event out there that will entertain you, open your mind and hand you tools to create new possibilities for yourself in your life. AND this is all done in one night. Rhonda the founder has started this new speaking tour called “The Fresh Inspiration Show”.  

This is a place where you get to hear views from different holistic wellness practices from personal empowerment, creating your personal warrior space, having better relationships and uplifting your vitality. Well, where is this live event at right now…? Click this link or picture and find out if the tour is in your neighborhood… or you never know you may be inspired so much that you will want to travel to be here. Once you get on the page scroll down and see the dates. Each link connected with the date will take you to the detail of the location for The Fresh Inspiration Show. Hope to see you out there. READ MORE…

Revitalize Your Fall Vitality- a VIP Mind, Body and Soul Experience

Rhonda Liebig Health Coach, Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Mentor is having a retreat that you will not want to miss.

EVENT DATES: September 13-15, 2019

Rhonda Liebig will be directly working with you over this three-day retreat to support your body for the Fall through her latest techniques and from being in the health industry for over 15 years. This retreat is named “Revitalize Your Fall Vitality Body a VIP Mind, Body Soul Experience” as you will learn how to:

  • Reset your Energy Cycles
  • Create fluid energy throughout the day
  • Create the right atmosphere for a clear and productive  mind
  • Create and love on your scrumptious wholesome foods
  • Bring energy to your body and the people around you

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