FITT? Do These 5 Steps and Get Results


F.I.T.T. Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive

To understand what F.I.T.T. means to you is your ticket to to the golden path into your Ultimate Self. Here is support for you to start breaking through the haziness of endless information out there. You will see that your steps are not all physical workout steps… there is a deeper meaning to the word F.I.T.T. as you can tell with our acronym. Read on for your support.

Get To The Ultimate You With These 5 Steps

  • Take 3 soothing cycles of deep breaths.
  • Workout [lift weights, walk, run, whatever makes you feel great].
  • Add a new fresh vegetable into your daily life.
  • Send a card to someone that you care about without expecting anything in return.
  • Write down your top 5 things that are important to you so you are reminded.

Now that you have your 5 steps to get your results. Let’s talk about what F.I.T.T. means to increase your vision of how to conquer things in your life by looking at your life as a whole. Learn about me and my approach to working with my clients by supporting their F.I.T.T. lifestyle.

What does fit mean?  According to the dictionary, the word “fit” means:

  • “To be the right size and shape for”
  • “To be of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose”

Now, if I were to ask what “fit” means to you…

You might say it means, “ to be in shape”…

What kind of shape? What kind of Fit do you yearn for yourself?


  • Fit in the body that you love
  • Fit into your pants
  • Fit into the person that you aspire to be
  • Fit into your best relationships
  • Fit into your purpose for life/work
  • Fit into your best schedule
  • … as you can see the list is as individual as you are.

What are your personal Fit Goals for your overall optimal health?


acknowledges your individual aspirations and goals.


your intention and finding your courage,


healthy positive changes into daily life,


your mind and body,

and you will


It’s time to discover your shape, get F.I.T.T.!

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