Why do we need Fiber?

Look at the Health Benefits:
-less constipation,
-lower LDL cholesterol (Which is your bad cholesterol),
-better blood sugar,
-easier weight loss

How Much Fiber do we Need?
25 – 40 grams

Get your Fiber in one cup of these foods below:
Beans: 15 grams
Peas: 9 grams
Raspberries: 8 grams
Broccoli: 6 grams
Corn: 4 grams
Oatmeal: 4 grams
Pear: 5 grams
Apple: 4 grams
Two slices of 100% whole-wheat bread: 4 grams
A quarter cup of almonds: 4 grams
A tablespoon of psyllium husks: 5 grams

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