Woman’s Energy FITT Retreat [Sacramento May 21, 2016]

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A RETREAT! Rhonda In Person and Working With You Live To Get The Transformation That You Want/ Need Right Now For A Life of Gratitude and Weight Loss!

I am so glad to share with you a part of my journey and everything I’ve learned so far in my 15 + years in the Health Industry about Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition in this 1 Day Retreat located in Sunny Sacramento, CA. This day is your day to discover and connect with your personal journey, with BIG Breakthroughs and AHA’s so that you can make changes that you didn’t realize you were ready for… and it will happen throughout the day.
Once you have this Fabulous day with Rhonda you will feel more connected with your personal journey by learning basic steps to implement RIGHT NOW through the new FITT Health tools that Rhonda is going to share with you.

This day you will be Discovering and Connecting through:
* Sensational breakthroughs to clearing your mental sabotages.
* Instantly finding what is holding you back.
* Sabotages and Secrets that have been holding you back.
* Improving your outlook on life by viewing life in a new perspective/ new way.
* Healthy Reality of where you are NOW and connecting to Change and Results.
* Your aging factor and discovering how you can reverse it by adding your new FITT steps.

“Discover Your FITT Sensational Self” is for you if your are:
* Finding it hard to lose weight
* Feeling confused in how to balance your blood sugar
* Feeling confused on why you are not losing weight
* Ready to connect with women like…
* Want to rid yourself of ther queasy hypoglycemia
* Feeling like you are constantly Sabotaging your Healthy self:
 >> I don’t deserve this…
 >> I don’t have time to do this…
 >> I am just the weight that I am… it runs in my family…
 >> This is just who I am …
 >> I can’t change…

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Schedule will be out soon!

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sabotage Clearing
  • Gratitude Building
  • Weight Loss Discussions

Are you ready for a day like this? Transformation! Newly Inspired! Refreshed! Reset!

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Price: $97 NOW [was $297]

Date: May 18, 2016

Time: 10:00AM – 3:00PM PDT

Where: Located near Sacramento, Ca [Wilton, CA]


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