Balance Blood Sugar to Flat Belly and Higher Energy [free video series]

You may have found my blog because you are dealing with one or 2 of these issues: bulging belly and / or low energy. And you may be finding that both of these issues go hand and hand. You may also be feeling that there is BIG confusion on how to strip away all the information out there so that you can achieve the results that you are yearning for.

Have you ever heard the saying “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, The fear of failure.”?

Well there is a new saying, “Dreams come true when you find the steps and strategies to step into IT”. “IT” is making healthy choices that bring you into your ultimate passion and connection to changing your life into daily feelings of:

  • Feeling vibrant to conquer your day,
  • Being present with the people around you,
  • Finding higher energy to live your life with passion, and
  • Learning ways to quicker weight loss, and having a flat belly so that you can fit into that sexy red dress.

Click the link here, and it will opt you into this free video series, “Balance Blood Sugars to Flat Belly & Higher Energy” and you will learn why we ALL need to keep our blood sugar levels down to meet all 4 above statements to step into “IT”.

HINT: It’s not just about weight loss!

I will be sharing with you in this video series:

❶ The Facts That Can NO Longer Be Ignored In What Sugar Leads In To (Staggering Stats & Numbers)

❷ A REAL Strategy for Using the New Information That You Are Learning Today

❸ How I Drastically Changed My Lifestyle Ways & The Steps How You Can Too

❹ The 5 Foods That You Must Add To Rid Your Body of Sugar

❺ A Scientific Reason Why It Is Not Your Fault

So if you are a person that loves sugar and you struggle with NOT having it in your day then you have come to the right blog place. Listen to the videos and grab your healthy power book.

A story about me and my sugar addiction:

When I was 21, living in a beach house on the boardwalk in San Diego I should have been feeling in my prime with tons of higher energy to burn. Instead I felt exactly opposite of this. I was insecure, having daily low energy to almost feeling lethargic, and I had rapid weight gain which appeared almost over night.

… I was missing the beginning signs that my body was struggling. This is a miss in modern society today which has lead to my passion as a health coach. To hear about this more in-depth, grab the video series here.

My next steps, I went to the doctor, they took blood, told me that my blood work was fine and that there was nothing wrong with me.

Boy did I feel silly. I felt like crap and I was told that there was nothing wrong with me, hmmm..

Around 30 years old I found out that all the Anxiety, Easy Weight Gain, Falling in and out of Depression was all about and I was diagnosed with hypo-hypothyroidism. I sadly realized then that my beautiful butterfly organ connected to the front of my neck was struggling. I wanted to cry and didn’t know how to get out of this conundrum. Because of not listening to my body, I overworked my adrenal gland and it kept releasing the cortisol hormone from daily stress and passive aggressive behavior. Also I was constantly eating junk sugary foods which overworked my pancreas and the release of insulin.

No wonder it was hard for me to lose weight and fully be present in my day. What were my first steps?

At that time I didn’t know that bread was sugar. And if you look at the Glycemic Index which we will be talking about in video 3, (grab the series here) bread has a longer lasting impact on your body then even a snickers bar…

So if I would have taken action earlier and used the warning signs to help me diagnose that my body was struggling to help me better life choices my hypo-thyroid diagnoses would have been different right now. Truly though, it’s not about what we have done in the past that has hurt us, it’s about what you can do right now to start the healing process.

What I did at the age of 40… it was adventurous for me at the time… I went to a naturalpath doctor.

Dr. Theil said to me, “I know that you are not making up your story about not feeling well. Let’s get to work“. I finally realized that I found my place, someone that had the tools and knowledge and understanding of my struggle. I was finally being taken care of even though my blood tests were all “normal”. I took a deep sigh… it’s not ALL in my head.

So today I want you to think about how you are feeling: when you wake up in the morning, throughout the day and at night to start listening to yourself. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with any illness it’s time to take a stance for future vibrant health with less aches in the body, and easier weight loss. Grab the video series and start your journey in video 3 of this free video series that you can grab here.

You have a FITT day.

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