FOOD: True Emotions vs. False Moods

FOOD: True Emotions vs. False Moods



True Emotions are our genuine responses to the real difficulties that we encounter in life. 

False Moods are when we respond to an event or person in a irritable mood, when you feel down/moody because your body is feeling tired after eating sugar, an imbalanced meal or skipping a meal. Research has shown that hypoglycemia can set in if you have a genetic predisposition or not.


The False Moods can be “fixable” through looking at your Primary Foods and Secondary Foods.  There is a need to balance your life to be able to make those choices that will allow you to live a full healthy life.  Come into the Studio, workout with me through (rhondaliebig) or start your Health Coaching program.  Find your true balanced self through my 6 month Health Coaching Program.   Follow the link to learn more about what a Health Coaching Program entails:


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