What’s The Formula For A Successful FITT Goal [Tuesday Challenge]

Here’s to your  Tuesday Sexy, FITT Challenge

What is the formula for a successful FITT goal? The success is that you start off with clear intentions and have extreme balance in your life so you can implement your future goal(s).

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman” Quote to live by this week.

Make your statement here! What is important to you? What gets you into action and become a “determined woman”.

Your Action Steps:

1)      Listen to the above video

2)    Discover what gives you your daily inspiration

  • Journal this week, daily by listing your top 3 things that make you happy.  At some point you will notice a common theme and your #1  inspiration will pop out through this exercise.”
  • Call a best friend and sit and talk with them. Your girlfriend will be able to listen and help you discover what is important to you.

3)      What comes out of your journaling or discussion with your best friend needs to be nurtured. How are you going to nurture this relationship, atmosphere, ____ around you?

4)      Your follow up action item is to add to your calendar a weekly reminder that you need to focus and nurture and NOT take for granted your “#1 thing in your life that inspires you and keeps you balanced”.

So what is authentically important to you? Do your work with the above challenge to bring action and energy on your healthy journey.

A balanced life is going to allow you to be open to accelerate your health and your business.

Here’s to a FITT Day

Time to Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive


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