Four Steps for taking care of your body..

4 Steps To Taking Care of Your Body

It’s all about Work, Family, Personal BALANCE!



It’s true.  You can do it.  Take baby steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


4 steps to get you there.


  1. – Stretch your neck, hips, and legs and you will loosen up those webs of intertwined muscle/tension.
  2. – Research has shown that we eat until our stomach stretches out of proportion. By drinking an 8 oz. cup of water you are slowing down plus you will feel fuller faster.
  3. – Each group of macobiotics is important to eat with each meal, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and water.  Doing this step will allow you to balance your body and cravings.  Remember you have to reach for the “good” carbohydrates.
  4. –  This is important for your life balance.  This breathing method will allow you to take a quick but much needed break from daily thoughts and stressors.



Follow through with these 4 steps each day to start your steps of taking care of your body.


Rhonda Liebig

RL Personal Trainer& Health Coach




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