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Want to speak on the 2020 tour AND star in The Fresh Inspiration Show which is our professionally recorded show? 

Want more info? Reach out to us below! Looking for event locations and dates and want to come into the audience? See below for tour dates!

Hold your speaker spot now before they fill up! The Fresh Inspiration Show is booking our 2020 speakers.  

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Hello, I'm Rhonda Liebig. Five years ago, when I wrote my first book I had so many questions. The one that kept me up at night was, "How do I get my book out there to impact lives?" (Maybe you can relate.) 

Fast forward four years. I've released my latest book, and I now have the perfect platform on which to share! 

The Fresh Inspiration Show - Professional Talks & Book Signing. 

It's a platform and community I created to be the perfect space for you as spiritual leader and wellness expert to grow and flourish as a speaker and author as you tell stories, share the impact of your book, and build connection with the audience!

Rhonda Liebig founder of The Fresh Inspiration Show and PSA, Tonya Hoffman interview below.

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Now is the time to get out and share Fresh Inspiration with your book, you as an expert! We've got you. We have the stage, the professional videographer, the professional global platform, your book signing and scheduled dates to get you started immediately. 

Be part of the fun and GRAB Tickets below... UPCOMING DATES AND LOCATIONS for the 2020 Tour, Table Talks & Workshops:

  • San Francisco, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - January 16, 2020
  • Sacrameno, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show - The Fresh Round Table Talks & Fresh LIVE Talks - February 20, 2020
  • Santa Cruz, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - March 15, 2020
  • Sonoma County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - April 19 2020
  • Sacramento, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - May 21, 2020
  • Santa Cruz, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - August 9, 2020
  • Marin County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - September 20, 2020
  • Sonoma County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - October 11, 2020
  • Bay Area , CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - November 8, 2020
  • Sacramento, CA SPECIAL VIP NIGHT PARTY - The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - December 3, 2020

Have questions? Call or email us at: | +1 916.515.9406

Guests Experience at The Fresh Inspiration Show

"I had an amazing evening with The Fresh Inspiration Show! Rhonda!!! You had a great group of authors and all were really good speakers! " ~Carolyn CJ Jones, speaking and coaching  

"It was an awesome evening! I've been telling all my friends what they missed!" ~Christi Corradi, owner of Mastering The Art of Life  

"Thank you Rhonda and thank you to all the speakers. I am so happy that I made it to see the how" ~Deborah Thomas, movie wrangler  

"Thank you, Rhonda Liebig, for the opportunity to learn, grow, show up to be loud and proud, and to build influence. Thank you for The Inspiration Show and the wonderful people behind the scene and the great audience and my fellow tour authors which is family now. I will stop now and say this opportunity is Just Simply the Best!" ~ Dianna Nash, founding speaker & author of the Fresh Inspiration Show. 

Fresh Inspiration Programs Available

Fresh Inspiration Tip Toe

Choose one leg/speaking night of the tour, be an expert at The Fresh Round Table Talks or special engagement through the Fresh Inspiration platform by filling out the form above. You will be on The Fresh Inspiration Show website throughout the year with a direct link to your website. You will receive marketing six weeks before your live show(s) and a week after sharing fun facts and expert information to our audiance.

Fresh Inspiration Shine 

Choose two or more of the above from "Fresh Inspiration Tip Toe". Have your Picture and Logo placement as a Fresh Inspiration Core Expert in every handout wherever The Fresh Inspiration Show goes throughout the 2020 year.  

Fresh Inspiration Global Magnify

Full step into The Fresh Inspiration Show You are invited to Rhonda's five-acre ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Show, to sit on her couch for a Fresh Deep Dive 30 minute One on One interview, share insights around your book, your transformation, your story, and services and products. PLUS, you receive all the benefits described above.  

Fresh Inspiration Global Unstoppable (Agent) 

Exclusive Fresh Inspiration Mastermind, together hand-in-hand with us as your business and book strategist to elevate your income flow with 

The FIVE Cs: 

  • Communication (How you communicate with your audience) 
  • Cash Flow (The pulse of your business)
  • Connection (How all the elements of your business connect to each other and maximize opportunity) 
  • Community (How you work with others to magnify your message)
  • Capitalize on mindset (How your past business failures or setbacks can help you identify your future success.)  

PLUS you receive all the support as seen above.  

When you become a member of Fresh Inspiration, you also receive: 

  • All done for you Marketing Media Kit - Includes done-for-you email marketing messages and social media posts, all targeted to promote you and your event to your online communities. PLUS: 
  • Extra marketing support with your professional videos to promote yourself as being a star of The Fresh Inspiration Show.

Meet the inspiration behind Fresh Inspiration! Rhonda Liebig

Rhonda Liebig is fiercely committed to creating peace, energy, prosperity, and structure for you as you are lifted to your higher space as an expert as a speaker and author. She created Fresh Inspiration to provide you and other heart-centered experts a stage and a welcoming platform - when too often those pursuing opportunities hear NO instead of YES. 

This is a one-of-a-kind space for you to share your gifts through words and stories. 

The heart-centered, power-packed Fresh Inspiration leadership and mentorship takes it even further by empowering you with the skills and confidence necessary to knock it out of the park. Participation in Fresh Inspiration offers varying levels of support. You can step into this all-in-one, red carpet, service-based community, which provides you everything you need to effectively and grow your business.  

Not sure how to pull together a powerful message and talk? We got you covered! Need some clear, open, soul-based guidance to get you grounded and light on your feet? Covered. And if you need someone to critique your delivery, and give you heart-centered, straight-forward feedback? We got your back! 

Rhonda found this important when she realized that her dad, whom she had tragically lost many years earlier, was right on her shoulder as she was writing her latest book, 14 Days to a Flat Belly: Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! She took that inspiration and is now supporting others as they share and become vulnerable in their WHY as they share their book and use the stage to magnify their message.  

Rhonda is an energy revitalizer and mindset coach brnging freedom into your lifestyle and cash flow. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Rhonda is an AADP Certified Health Coach and holds a CPA license. She practiced accounting for over a decade before realizing that corporate life was not for her. 

With Rhonda's uniquely blended background, her business serves clients worldwide through her holistic health practice. She is creator of a Dental Hygeniest Program, certifying hygeniests as a professional Health Coach, and she is the CEO and Founder of "The Fresh Inspiration Show." It is here that she says YES to authors who are expert speakers seeking a stage and spotlight to magnify them as the vibrant, motivational professionals they truly are!

Meet the Core Speakers of Fresh Inspiration!

woman standing

Maria Lynn Johnson Fresh Inspiration Leadership Team Executive Speaking Coach Business Strategist 

Maria Lynn Johnson brings 25 years of coaching leaders to higher performance in Fortune 500 companies. 

After seeing one cubicle too many, she left corporate to help other professionals benefit from her leadership experience. She now helps heart-centered business owners and leaders show up at their highest levels by speaking with purpose, presence, and power. 

Maria brings a lifetime performing as a musician/singer. She has been an adjunct instructor, has a master’s degree, and wrote the bestselling book, The World's Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets on How To Engage And Move Your Audience To Action

Since she was ten years old and read the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, she has passionately pursued how to stretch yourself beyond self-imposed limitations. Maria gets jazzed up by bringing out the brilliance in others as they build a strong message, and expand their confidence and skills in speaking. 

Beth Lendrum, CMP Core Speaker of Fresh Inspiration

Beth Lendrum is ready to release her book The 4 Minute Flow. Beth is passionately committed to empowering her clients to use self-healing so they have less stress and less anxiety in their lives 

Beth Lendurm's work s focused on achieving long lasting pain free success using her Harmonizing of Attitudes through Finger Work. Working with Beth you learn how the fingers are connected with the deep clearing for Worry, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and the Trying To's. 

With over 15 years of experience Beth's mission and commitment is to get to the root causes and provide her client's with actionable tools that are incorporated into daily life.

Nicole Deavilla Core Speaker of Fresh Inspiration

Founder and CEO at Nicole Deavilla, director of faculty at Prenatal Yoga Academy and Author and Creator of 2 Minute Yoga and the #1 best-selling author of the 2 Minute Yoga Solution, Nicole Deavilla has been in business for 30 years and creating a pain free community wherever she goes. 

Nicole Deavilla is mainly centered in the San Francisco area but travels throughout the world to share with others the simplicity of centered health.


Lucas Roy Lehman Core Speaker of Fresh Inspiration, Intimacy & Personal Power Coach, Speaker and Trainer

International speaker, trainer and best-selling author of 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power will show you how to increase your personal power--that is, your ability to manifest your desires with ease. With his broad range of experience as an entrepreneur, sexuality educator, and performer, Lucas understands the energies of prosperity, intimacy, and creativity, and his training in neurotransformational coaching (the brain science of how we initiate positive change in our lives) informs the clear steps he provides to overcoming disempowering cultural conditioning, unconscious blocks, and old limiting beliefs to create lives of joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Teresa Campos

Teresa Campos Core speaker of Fresh Inspiration, Life Design Strategist

Teresa is a speaker, author and coach to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. She works with women who know they are here to be big force in the world but are struggling to discover their deeper purpose. She helps them boldly step into who they are here to BE and what they are here to share with the world. 

Her dedication to leading the life of a Spiritual Warrior has involved being a life long learner and practitioner of her own wisdom – teachings, exemplified in her book Braving The Self. 

Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an intuitive has become very acute over the years – so much so, that reading the language of the human body’s intelligence has become second nature. She has masterfully combined this skill with astrology to further deepen one’s understanding for the unfolding of their story. Not only can she decode for an individual, but she has also applied this intelligence toward her sense of the collective evolution of humanity. Teresa is also an Ironman finisher, triathlete and yoga teacher.

Dr. Beth Halbert

Dr. Beth Halbert Core Speaker of Fresh Inspiration and known as America’s Teenologist is a licensed child, family, teen psychologist with 25-years plus experience as a dynamic facilitator, speaker, and management consultant.

Dr. Beth Halbert, known as America’s Teenologist is a licensed child, family, teen psychologist with 25-years plus experience as a dynamic facilitator, speaker, and management consultant. Dr. Beth’ has a thriving private clinical practice and facilitates workshops nationally for parents and teens. Her keynote presentations for organizations are known to be both highly entertaining and extremely educational. Dr. Beth knows how teens think and act—and why. She understands how to get them talking about their emotions and behaviors. Plus, she knows parents. She understands how to get them to accept themselves exactly as they are, and how to accept their children exactly as they are. She assists parents and teens in building positive dialogue and developing more connected relationships. Dr. Beth bridges the parent teen gap.

Pam Sherman Core Speaker of Fresh Inspiration, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Guru, and Motivational Speaker

"Health is Your Wealth" Pam Sherman

For over 20 years, Pam Sherman has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals. As a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition guru, and motivational speaker, Pam is renowned for her no-nonsense advice, infectious sense of humor, and resilient approach to life. Pam lives in Roseville, California, with her husband and two older children. In addition to writing books, she creates instructional fitness videos, shares recipes, dishes out inspiration through her weekly newsletter, and runs an advice video series called, "Ask Pam".

Dianna Nash

Dianna Nash Author of “A Piece of Man is Better Than No Man (All The Things My Mommy Didn’t Tell Me)” and Certified Life Coach with a niche in Relationships.

Dianna is the founder of Talk It Out Relationship Education Services, Inc. A Certified Life Coach, specializing in Relationship Coaching, Authorized Relationship Program Leader/ Relationship Educator, Prepare and Enrich Facilitator and Certified Relationship Facilitator. She helps individuals or couples with life skills to increase communication, resolve problems and conflicts with their spouse/partner to increase success in their marital/relationship commitment and satisfaction. Dianna's experience also comes from her personal unhealthy relationships which sparked a passion to help others overcome unhealthy relationships to healthy relationships. Dianna started her coaching business in 2009 to help other couples and singles to deal with the sometimes overwhelming low self-esteem, frustration, loneliness, all the feelings and emotions that comes with an unhealthy relationship situation. 

Morii LLC is a Video Production Company based in San Francisco, California. Founded by two friends who started by scribbling their ideas on pieces of paper and showing up randomly on set together. We believe every story deserves to be shown in the most beautiful light and the best work comes from a passion for the process, making productions swift, smooth and professional.

Caroline Robert - Smart Coffee

Caroline Robert, Smart Coffee

Sponsor of The Fresh Inspiration Show 808-757-9282

We combined Science + Nutrition. One cup a day of our Smart Coffee effortlessly helps:  

· Boost Energy (Extended) · Improve Mental Focus · Promotes Supports/Manage Healthy Weight

Infused with ingredients like:  

·L-Theanine A "feel-good" amino acid, derived from green tea leaves, for relaxed alertness.  

·Black Pepper Extract boosts metabolism and reduces oxidative stress.  

·Nettle Root Extract Aids with retaining healthy blood sugar levels and helps keep cholesterol in balance.  

·Chromium a mineral found in broccoli and tomatoes. It helps regulate blood sugar.  

·Vinitrox TM Apple and Grape extracts that increases circulation and blood flow to enhance performance and increases endurance.  

·Alpha-GPC encourages brain alertness and memory function.  

·PEA Originally found in chocolate, it supports and promotes the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.  

Full Ingredient List:  


Tracy Ann Tighe, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

Sponsor of The Fresh Inspiration Show 707.738.4787

Love our sparkling jewelry. Adore the women on our team. We serve up sparkle and give excellent rewards.

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