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Want to speak on the 2020 tour AND star in The Fresh Inspiration Show which is our professionally recorded show? 

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Hello, I'm Rhonda Liebig. Five years ago, when I wrote my first book I had so many questions. The one that kept me up at night was, "How do I get my book out there to impact lives?" (Maybe you can relate.) 

Fast forward four years. I've released my latest book, and I now have the perfect platform on which to share! 

The Fresh Inspiration Show - Professional Talks & Book Signing. 

It's a platform and community I created to be the perfect space for you as spiritual leader and wellness expert to grow and flourish as a speaker and author as you tell stories, share the impact of your book, and build connection with the audience!

Rhonda Liebig founder of The Fresh Inspiration Show and PSA, Tonya Hoffman interview below.

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Now is the time to get out and share Fresh Inspiration with your book, you as an expert! We've got you. We have the stage, the professional videographer, the professional global platform, your book signing and scheduled dates to get you started immediately. 

Be part of the fun and GRAB Tickets below... UPCOMING DATES AND LOCATIONS for the 2020 Tour, Table Talks & Workshops:

  • Sacramento, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show - The Fresh Round Table Talks & Fresh LIVE Talks - February 20, 2020
  • Santa Cruz, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - March 15, 2020
  • Sonoma County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - April 19 2020
  • Sacramento, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - May 21, 2020
  • Santa Cruz, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - August 9, 2020
  • Marin County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - September 20, 2020
  • Sonoma County, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - October 11, 2020
  • Bay Area, CA The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - November 8, 2020
  • Sacramento, CA SPECIAL VIP NIGHT PARTY - The Fresh Inspiration Show tour - December 3, 2020

Have questions? Call or email us at: | +1 916.515.9406

Guests Experience at The Fresh Inspiration Show

"I had an amazing evening with The Fresh Inspiration Show! Rhonda!!! You had a great group of authors and all were really good speakers! " ~Carolyn CJ Jones, speaking and coaching  

"It was an awesome evening! I've been telling all my friends what they missed!" ~Christi Corradi, owner of Mastering The Art of Life  

"Thank you Rhonda and thank you to all the speakers. I am so happy that I made it to see the how" ~Deborah Thomas, movie wrangler  

"Thank you, Rhonda Liebig, for the opportunity to learn, grow, show up to be loud and proud, and to build influence. Thank you for The Inspiration Show and the wonderful people behind the scene and the great audience and my fellow tour authors which is family now. I will stop now and say this opportunity is Just Simply the Best!" ~ Dianna Nash, founding speaker & author of the Fresh Inspiration Show. 

Fresh Inspiration Programs Available

Fresh Inspiration Tip Toe

Choose one leg/speaking night of the tour, be an expert at The Fresh Round Table Talks or special engagement through the Fresh Inspiration platform by filling out the form above. You will be on The Fresh Inspiration Show website throughout the year with a direct link to your website. You will receive marketing six weeks before your live show(s) and a week after sharing fun facts and expert information to our audiance.

Fresh Inspiration Shine 

Choose two or more of the above from "Fresh Inspiration Tip Toe". Have your Picture and Logo placement as a Fresh Inspiration Core Expert in every handout wherever The Fresh Inspiration Show goes throughout the 2020 year.  

Fresh Inspiration Global Magnify

Full step into The Fresh Inspiration Show You are invited to Rhonda's five-acre ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Show, to sit on her couch for a Fresh Deep Dive 30 minute One on One interview, share insights around your book, your transformation, your story, and services and products. PLUS, you receive all the benefits described above.  

Fresh Inspiration Global Unstoppable (Agent) 

Exclusive Fresh Inspiration Mastermind, together hand-in-hand with us as your business and book strategist to elevate your income flow with: 

The FIVE Cs: 

  • Communication (How you communicate with your audience) 
  • Cash Flow (The pulse of your business)
  • Connection (How all the elements of your business connect to each other and maximize opportunity) 
  • Community (How you work with others to magnify your message)
  • Capitalize on mindset (How your past business failures or setbacks can help you identify your future success.)  

PLUS you receive all the support as seen above.  

When you become a member of Fresh Inspiration, you also receive: 

  • All done for you Marketing Media Kit - Includes done-for-you email marketing messages and social media posts, all targeted to promote you and your event to your online communities. 


  • Extra marketing support with your professional videos to promote yourself as being a star of The Fresh Inspiration Show.

Meet the inspiration behind Fresh Inspiration! Rhonda Liebig

Rhonda Liebig is fiercely committed to creating peace, energy, prosperity, and structure for you as you are lifted to your higher space as an expert as a speaker and author. She created Fresh Inspiration to provide you and other heart-centered experts a stage and a welcoming platform - when too often those pursuing opportunities hear NO instead of YES. 

This is a one-of-a-kind space for you to share your gifts through words and stories. 

The heart-centered, power-packed Fresh Inspiration leadership and mentorship takes it even further by empowering you with the skills and confidence necessary to knock it out of the park. Participation in Fresh Inspiration offers varying levels of support. You can step into this all-in-one, red carpet, service-based community, which provides you everything you need to effectively and grow your business.  

Not sure how to pull together a powerful message and talk? We got you covered! Need some clear, open, soul-based guidance to get you grounded and light on your feet? Covered. And if you need someone to critique your delivery, and give you heart-centered, straight-forward feedback? We got your back! 

Rhonda found this important when she realized that her dad, whom she had tragically lost many years earlier, was right on her shoulder as she was writing her latest book, 14 Days to a Flat Belly: Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! She took that inspiration and is now supporting others as they share and become vulnerable in their WHY as they share their book and use the stage to magnify their message.  

Rhonda is an energy revitalizer and mindset coach brnging freedom into your lifestyle and cash flow. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Rhonda is an AADP Certified Health Coach and holds a CPA license. She practiced accounting for over a decade before realizing that corporate life was not for her. 

With Rhonda's uniquely blended background, her business serves clients worldwide through her holistic health practice. She is creator of a Dental Hygeniest Program, certifying hygeniests as a professional Health Coach, and she is the CEO and Founder of "The Fresh Inspiration Show." It is here that she says YES to authors who are expert speakers seeking a stage and spotlight to magnify them as the vibrant, motivational professionals they truly are!

Meet the Core Speakers of Fresh Inspiration!

Caterina Rando Fresh Inspiration Star Owner TWIC

Caterina is a master certified coach, business strategist and author of the national best-seller Learn to Power Think from Chronicle Books 2002. Caterina mentors women entrepreneurs to thrive.

Michelle Maree Hardeman-Guptill Transformational Speaker, Speaker/Visibility Coach, Catalyst for Unshakeable Feminine Leadership.  

Founder of Women of Impact and Influence. Visible. Bold. Embodied. Real.  

Follow Me: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

Michelle helps creative, innovative women entrepreneurs increase their visibility and impact through the art of transformational speaking, so that they can reach into the heart of their ideal clients and help them truly understand the transformation that is possible through working with them. Gifted women are often not satisfied with simply sharing information; they want to invite transformation. Michelle offers unique and innovative strategies that help women access their feminine superpowers and hone their message so that they can speak about what they do in a powerful, authentic and meaningful way; increasing impact, influence and conversions. Michelle blends the skills she has gathered from decades of her own personal development, years as a theatre director/performer, licensed marriage and family therapist and transformational coach to shake things up and get women out of their heads and back into their bodies. It is time to reclaim the feminine superpowers of vulnerability, intuition, fierce truth-telling, and embodiment. To become the unshakeable leaders we were meant to be.  

Denise Schaad Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer and Speaker

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What I enjoy doing on my off time to replenish my health is to be in nature. I live on a ranch in the foothills of the Sierras, where I spend my free time wandering in the forest talking to the trees. I love to cook healthy clean food. Cooking is like a mediation for me. I really enjoy my own cooking. What replenishes me on a soul level is to be with my grand children. I enjoy playing games and riding motorcycles with them. They always remind me of innocence. I love being silly when I am with them.  

I want women to know that they don't have to suffer any longer. That they can heal themselves by releasing the emotional baggage that is keeping them stuck. I do this work because I am here on this planet to change humanity. I am here to share my gifts , serve and to express my beliefs and change peoples lives.  

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