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The Fresh Inspiration Show has been touring in through Las Vegas, Arizona, San Francisco, Burbank and Northern California to support the community in creatively living in inspiration and new mindset for lifestyle and business. We have been creating a stage for out of town superstar speakers to come in and support you and your community and you do not want to miss this unique night with The Fresh Inspiration Show. Also, this LIVE show will become a professional videoed show on Apple TV, Roku and Crackle. THUS, The Fresh Inspiration Show is not just inspiring a LIVE audience but now at an international level, WOW now that is inspiring and unique!

Our Next Show Starts In...


Thankful, Positivity and Love is the New Smile - Gratitude - November 18, 2022

Fresh Talks that are being created for 2023 (apply and grab your spot):

  • Vitality Power - Creating your vision Globally - January 26th, 2023
  • Global Impact Straight From Your Heart - Creating your vision in the world (February 23, 2023)
  • Freedom, Safety and Healing - The World is Waiting for YOU - March 23, 2023
  • Sexy Energy is Healing To The World April 27, 2023
  • The Heart and Your Wisdom - Your time to rise in this world May 18, 2023
  • No More Shaming in This World - the strategies September 28, 2023
  • Energy is The New Sexy - Making everlasting impact by leveraging your energy - October 26, 2023
  • Food is The New Sexy - Why choosing food as vitality is a direct link to your impact in this world - November 16, 2023

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Experiences with Fresh Talks and working with Rhonda Liebig, founder

"Working with the community of The Fresh Inspiration Show has been a special journey. My main reason that I created this unique show was to support people in their health, spirit, and authentic journey in their business. These past 7 months, we had no idea how deep of stress we were going to be in and how we would deal with our four walls. I am proud to have people reaching out and sharing their experience with The Fresh Inspiration Show."

"The Fresh Inspiration Show - Fantastic! The way all the stars got to share in their expert space and also communicate among each other made this an absolute incredible show with everything feeling like this all was created organically. You are amazing and you have a gift. Your ability to sum everything up during the Closing Ceremony. What a unique show and a gift you are giving to your community.

~ Angela Santi, Living Dolce Vida Lifestyle

"Thank you Rhonda, you have brought so many beautiful beings into my world."
~ April Wall, attendee

"I had an amazing time with The Fresh Inspiration Show! Rhonda!!! You had a great group of authors and all were really good speakers! " ~ Carolyn CJ Jones, speaking and coaching  

"It was an awesome time with The Fresh Inspiration Show! I've been telling all my friends what they missed!" ~ Christi Corradi, owner of Mastering The Art of Life  

"Thank you Rhonda and thank you to all the experts of the show. I am so happy that I made it to see the show" ~ Deborah Thomas, movie wrangler  

"Thank you, Rhonda Liebig, for the opportunity to learn, grow, show up to be loud and proud, and to build influence. Thank you for The Inspiration Show and the wonderful people behind the scene and the great audience and my fellow tour authors which is family now. I will stop now and say this opportunity is Just Simply the Best!" ~ Dianna Nash, founding speaker & author of the Fresh Inspiration Show. 

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Rhonda Liebig

Rhonda Liebig is fiercely committed to creating peace, energy, prosperity, and structure for you as you are lifted to your higher space as an expert as a speaker and author. She created Fresh Inspiration to provide you and other heart-centered experts a stage and a welcoming platform - when too often those pursuing opportunities hear NO instead of YES. This is a one-of-a-kind space for you to share your gifts through words and stories. The heart-centered, power-packed Fresh Inspiration leadership and mentorship takes it even further by empowering you with the skills and confidence necessary to knock it out of the park. Participation in Fresh Inspiration offers varying levels of support. You can step into this all-in-one, red carpet, service-based community, which provides you everything you need to effectively and grow your business. Not sure how to pull together a powerful message and talk? We got you covered! Need some clear, open, soul-based guidance to get you grounded and light on your feet? Covered. And if you need someone to critique your delivery, and give you heart-centered, straight-forward feedback? We got your back! Rhonda found this important when she realized that her dad, whom she had tragically lost many years earlier, was right on her shoulder as she was writing her latest book, 14 Days to a Flat Belly: Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! She took that inspiration and is now supporting others as they share and become vulnerable in their WHY as they share their book and use the stage to magnify their message. Rhonda is an energy revitalizer and mindset coach brnging freedom into your lifestyle and cash flow. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Rhonda is an AADP Certified Health Coach and holds a CPA license. She practiced accounting for over a decade before realizing that corporate life was not for her. With Rhonda's uniquely blended background, her business serves clients worldwide through her holistic health practice. She is creator of a Dental Hygeniest Program, certifying hygeniests as a professional Health Coach, and she is the CEO and Founder of "The Fresh Inspiration Show." It is here that she says YES to authors who are expert speakers seeking a stage and spotlight to magnify them as the vibrant, motivational professionals they truly are!

Introducing Our Other Speakers

Shannon Sundburg
Oola Certified Life Coach, Certified Aromatherapist, & Intuitive Energy Healer  

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I love supporting and guiding women to live their best life and dream BIG!  I became so passionate about supporting the entire being of mind, body, and spirit, that I took the leap 5 years ago to leave my corporate HR career and embrace my dream of having my own business.

I journeyed through my own mindset blocks and re-certified as an Aromatherapist and became a Certified Oola Life Coach.  I worked through things that blocked me and worked diligently on the areas that accelerated my progress towards my best life.  I love connecting with my clients and helping them evaluate the 7 key areas in life and conquer the overwhelm so they can create their path to a Balanced life and work towards their dreams..   I provide guidance, support, and alternative tools for my clients to go get what they truly want in life and know they deserve it. .

Michelle Maree Hardeman-Guptill Transformational Speaker, Speaker/Visibility Coach, Catalyst for Unshakeable Feminine Leadership.  

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Michelle helps creative, innovative women entrepreneurs increase their visibility and impact through the art of transformational speaking, so that they can reach into the heart of their ideal clients and help them truly understand the transformation that is possible through working with them.  

Carolyn CJ Jones
Forgiveness Instructor at College of Marin, Forgiveness Coach, Motivational Speaker

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Carolyn CJ Jones is a Forgiveness Instructor at the College of Marin, Forgiveness Coach, and Motivational Speaker. She is also an International Bestselling Author for her most recent book, The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace. Additionally, in 2010, she published the multi-award-winning book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, which was a recent winner of the

Silver Medal for World Peace from the 2018 Living Now Evergreen Book Awards.

Sabine Goerke-Shrode
The Energy Shifter  

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Sabine Goerke-Shrode is an intuitive energy shifter and energy healer with a deep understanding of the underlying science and spiritual laws of the universe surrounding energy work.

Sabine is the founder of Spirit Dance – A Path of Conscious Expansion, bringing together the various disciplines of Light Body, alchemical reiki, quantum touch healing, crystal energy work, astrology and numerology. She loves to work with people who are open and ready to grow to a higher level of consciousness.  

Jill Flowers
Sound & Vibration Alchemist

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Jill Flowers defines herself as a Sound & Vibration Alchemist,  one who transforms hearts and minds with sound and elevates the atmosphere with frequency. 

She is  a Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, Sacred Circle Keeper and Hypnotherapist.  Jill uses a spiritual mash up of transformation tools to help groups and private clients interrupt the normalizing of pain, emotional suppression,  false narratives and limitation.  She calls her clients DisRuptors and asks them to be kind to themselves on their personal healing journey.

 One of  Jill’s greatest healing  tools is the Sacred Circle.   Jill uses circle gatherings and affinity groups to achieve high level group transformation and connection in safe space.  Her  work focuses on healing the inner child wound and the archetypal superwoman that the child wound gives birth to as an adult.  The  work of calling the Circle is her healing ministry.  

Jill’s vow into ministry is to use her speech, her listening and her light to awaken, empower and to heal. 

Janeen Olmos
Coach Speaker Consultant 

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Janeen Olmos is a Coach, Speaker & Consultant for high achieving professionals in various industries that are feeling maxed-out physically and emotionally, have lost their passion for their work and may be in danger of losing their careers they’ve spent years developing. Janeen offers individual and group coaching to help professionals develop resilience to stand back up and perform at their best personally and professionally as well as reclaim joy and energy in a way that authentically resonates with their deepest self and materializes in their career and relationships.

As a consultant, Janeen offers to transform organizations prone to burnout into resilient organizations focused on service, wellbeing for everyone, teamwork and low employee turnover. 

Janeen is a professionally Licensed Mental Health and Addiction therapist, Certified Resilience Coach, has spent decades in the corporate world and is uniquely qualified to help others as she has been involved in her own personal growth and recovery for decades. For a no obligation discovery call, please contact Janeen.

Deborah Fiddyment

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Deborah Fiddyment is the founder of the Natural Beauty VIP Group where she nurtures women to look into their generational flow so that they create their women power and strengthen their physical beauty. Deborah comes from a long line of powerful entrepreneur women as she shares in her women power stories, virtually and LIVE. Deborah’s vehicle for power and beauty are her talks to communities and the VIP product, Monat, so that she can support women from inside out and and outside in.

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