Get Muscle Yoga Workout

“Muscle Yoga” is a great way to add another layer to your 30 days of workouts.  This will give you a full hour and half plus workouts for a FULL 30 days.  Click on the link and get yourself going on the FIT you.

Enjoy this unique workout with a smooth muscle /yoga blend. This is a total body workout with the emphasis on core strength.
Equipment: weights & Body Ball.


You will have access to:

Video 1: Welcome to the membership site

Video 2: Leg Workout

Video 3: Get Your Plank

Video 4: Chest and back

Video 5: 3 Combo Leg Stomach Abs

Video 6: Fit Ball arms plus

Video 7: Muscle Yoga
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Get “Muscle Yoga” for 1 payment of  $22.99 for a FULL 1 Hour & Half.  Click to purchase.